Working with good friends

Working with good friends.

No cliches

I actually come from a different industry, so I imagined a job in the IT sector to be like on TV. However, I learned on my first day that this is very far-fetched and that the clichés about developers are not at all true, although the occasional lunch break, during which people talked shop, did feel like I was on another planet. Now, after almost two years, I particularly appreciate these lunch breaks. No matter how stressful our day is and no matter how big we have grown in these two years - a lunch break together is a must. Everyone waits anxiously for the first "I'm going to Billa, anyone coming?" - and then, for a short time, work is forgotten and it's like a cozy meal among very good friends.

In the back office, our day is very varied, no day is like the other and rarely as you would have planned - but that's exactly what I enjoy most about my job. I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved in the last few years - but above all of the fact that, despite the enormous pressure to perform and the rapid growth, we've never forgotten our sense of humor and family-like way of dealing with each other.

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