The Skill & Team Fit - Bringing in your skills

The Skill & Team Fit - Bringing in your skills.

If you arrived at this step of the application process it means our cultures harmonize. You like our company culture and we liked you as a person. It’s time for the Skill & Team Fit, the third step of our application process! We are as excited as you are, so let’s dive right into the three steps. 👇

1. Meeting the team

The procedure repeats. 🔁 You will get an email from us where we would like you to enter your availability in the calendar. After that you will get a confirmation email of our interview date. We will also attach a small challenge to that email which we would like you to prepare for our upcoming interview. This time you will be in an interview with your potential future team.

2. Ready for a challenge?

You probably guessed it right already - you are meeting your potential future team because we want to know if you are a good fit for us. Our team members and our teamwork are very important to us - that’s why we set such a high value on finding the right person. This is our get-to-know phase where everyone introduces themselves. Furthermore, we would like to know what skills you can inspire us with and what you can contribute to our team on our journey to make fiscalization processes easier for our customers. Your prepared challenge sheet is the perfect way to show us what you are capable of. Again there are two different approaches now regarding the challenge.

Non-technical challenge

The non-technical challenge includes tasks which are related to the department you are applying for. I applied for the position of Content Creator in the marketing department, hence i got tasks like writing a short paragraph of a blog, creating a LinkedIn post and correcting a text.

Technical challenge

The technical challenge contains different kinds of tasks. I talked to Francesca, our new Developer, and she told me that she prepared a coding challenge for her Skill Fit. She got the information she needed from our development team, coded the frontend of an application and presented her work to the team step-by-step.

All in all, different positions demand different challenges. The main goal for us is to find out if you fit in our team, what your working process looks like and what skills you can bring to the team.

3. It’s time for questions - again 🤓

Like in the Cultural Fit interview we take our time for a question session for the Skill & Team Fit as well. You can ask us everything you want to know about our teams, our employees and about the skills we can bring to the table. Again, don’t be shy - we love it when you show interest.

With those three points of the Skill & Team Fit your application process is finished - you can lean back.

What happens next?

Afterwards, our team needs some time to talk about how the whole process went. If you are our fit you will get a job offer and hopefully become an official member of fiskaly. 😎

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