Welcome aboard at fiskaly

Welcome aboard at fiskaly.

We are a cultural fit, your skills knocked us off our feet and the whole team likes you. In addition to that, you accepted our job offer. We couldn't be happier. So how will the first few months with fiskaly look like?

Coming to a new workplace, meeting a bunch of new people, becoming acquainted with the company culture and whatnot … we feel you! It is a lot, it is all at once and it can be overwhelming. This is why we want to give you some insights on what’s ahead of you and what you can expect during your onboarding process. Speaking of which - let’s get the onboarding started.

First contact - no seasickness on the fiskaly ship 🚢 

After it’s clear that you’ll be the newest team member here at fiskaly, our colleagues from People & Culture will be in touch with you regularly before you have set foot on site. In the “Welcome to fiskaly” email we’ll provide you with all the relevant information regarding the paperwork we need from you. Don’t worry, we list everything we require so nothing gets overlooked. Once this is done and you’ve sent us all the documents, we’ll get right into preparing your contract and work documents.

#peoplecomefirst but technology is important

We want you to feel comfortable with the tools you’ll be using every day. So let us know if you’d rather work with a Linux or Windows operating system and we’ll make sure to have the right hardware up and running on your first day at the office.

The first two weeks - becoming a fiskaly crew member

No matter if you’re in Vienna or if you’ll be working remotely; the first two weeks are meant to give you the chance to get to know your team members and their general workflow, our company culture as well as colleagues from other departments. Your companion from People & Culture will welcome you on your first day in the office, show you around and introduce you to your buddy. Your buddy is here to guide you through the initial period at fiskaly. Your colleagues are willing to help you, so make sure you are asking them everything you want to know! 😊

The first few months - you have properly arrived

Towards the end of your first month, we’d like you to give us some feedback on how you experienced your onboarding process. What did you like about it? Do you feel like you have settled in properly? What could we have done better to make your start at fiskaly even more enjoyable? We want to improve continuously and value your input. For us, this is also a chance to give feedback to you. After that it runs like clockwork. You will get your own big tasks, join our team events and become a proper fiskaly member.

We are looking forward to having a great time together and, of course, we are always here for anything that comes to your mind. 💡

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