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This is what motivates us to come to work every day: A meaningful job that supports tax fairness combined with a work environment that provides room for personal growth, and where #PeopleComeFirst. We value each other's opinion and are always looking forward to meeting new colleagues.

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We are a dedicated team of engineers, specialists and financial experts. Tax evasion harms our society overall. We understand the complexity of the issue, this is why we offer solutions which are elegant and simple to implement. Together we are committed to make fiskaly the leading company in the field of digital signatures and services around receipts. Our way of working is characterised by great trust and short decision-making processes. The decision makers are people themselves. We encourage everyone to fail fast because we see every failure as a learning opportunity. With us, you will find a lot of development potential in the future-oriented areas, such as: Big Data, Cryptography, Digital Signature, IT Security and more. If you are interested in new programming languages, new technologies, or new ways of working, fiskaly is a great place to put all that to practice.

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fiskaly team
DEVJOBS "Open IT-Employer" award

DEVJOBS "Open IT-Employer" award

DEVJOBS, the first career portal for developers in Austria, recognized our work at fiskaly with the "Open IT-Employer" award. fiskaly is proud of its recruiting process and people & culture team. We constantly strive to improve our process and show our candidates what openness, honesty, and friendliness from an employer look like.

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We strive to become the best cloud-based signature provider.

fiskaly is the leading provider for a cloud-based solution regarding fiscalization in Germany and Austria. We are on a mission to make the world a safe and fair place by enabling trusted records. Our team provides a robust and reliable digital signature service to ensure the legitimacy of your receipts, while keeping the solution simple and convenient.