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Differences and similarities of TicketBAI in the Basque Country.

Isabel Nogales,  Country Manager Spagna
Isabel Nogales
Country Manager Spagna
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In the Basque Country in Spain, a compliance law - called TicketBAI (Basque for "Ticket YES") - was passed to prevent tax fraud. Each Basque Province - Gipuzkoa, Araba, and Bizkaia - has established specific software requirements for TicketBAI. In this article, we list the similarities and differences between the provinces.

What applies in all provinces?

All invoicing systems have to be compliant with TicketBAI. This means the billing or POS systems must be equipped with software that:

  1. is registered in the Provincial Software Registration List.
  2. chains the invoices so that their trace can be verified in a sequence, preventing manipulation, alteration, or deletion.
  3. creates XML files for each transaction, signs them with a valid digital certificate, and sends them to the corresponding Tax Authority.
  4. stores all the XML files during the established period of time.
  5. generates a QR code and an Identification code which must be printed on the invoice.

What are the differences between the provinces?

The differences in compliance with TicketBAI in each Basque province are as follows:

  1. Each province has its own Tax Authority to send the files to, depending on where the taxpayer is registered.
  2. The content of the XML file may differ slightly between the provinces.
  3. In Bizkaia, TicketBAI is part of a more comprehensive strategy called Batuz.
  4. There are differences between the provinces regarding TicketBAI replacing the SII system or not.
  5. Implementation deadlines differ.

Find more information for each of the Basque Provinces in our blog.

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FAQs about TicketBAI

TicketBAI is a software-based fiscalization system in Basque Country. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about TBAI in detail.
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TicketBAI and BATUZ in Bizkaia

A Basque Country legislative initiative aims to prevent tax fraud by complying with the TicketBAI obligation. In Bizkaia, TicketBAI is part of the BATUZ economic activity control strategy. The obligation for compliance with this system has been established by the Foral Decree 5/2020, of July 15th. Here you will learn more about TicketBAI's implementation in Bizkaia.
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TicketBAI in Araba

The latest changes in how TicketBAI affects your business in Alava: updates that your billing software, XML files, calendars and SII need.