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New Country Manager for fiskaly Spain: Isabel Nogales.

Rocío Arquiola,  Esperta Fiscalità Spagnola
Rocío Arquiola
Esperta Fiscalità Spagnola
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Embracing Leadership: Navigating the Spanish Fiscalization Landscape 

It's with immense joy and excitement that we share the news of Isabel Nogales stepping into the role of Country Manager for fiskaly Spain. This is more than a pivotal moment for fiskaly Spain; it heralds a strategic shift designed to deeply entrench our influence within the Spanish market. 

Isabel's vision aligns perfectly with our long-term goals of not just navigating but shaping the landscape of digital fiscal solutions in Spain. Do you want to get to know her a little bit better? Keep reading!

Prior to her career at fiskaly, Isabel was part of several international companies specialized in customer shopping experience management, such as Panna Cotta Voucher Group and Saving United; experiences after which she landed in Yieldlove as a business development manager for Spain and LATAM.

In 2020 she took the leap into the world of entrepreneurship, founding her own company in Hamburg, specialized in sustainable products, which she sold in 2022 before joining fiskaly’s team.

  • Isabel, what inspired you to transition from a successful entrepreneurship to leadership in the tech and fiscal digitalization sector?

After selling my company, I asked myself: what do I do now? Because when you work so hard in a project it becomes a part of you and it’s hard to let it go. But I was working quite a lot for some time, so I decided to relax and I thought it was the perfect timing for me to dedicate my time to learn something to improve my skills. When I had this idea, a friend of mine sent me fiskaly’s ad searching for somebody in BizDev for the Spanish market. It was something I hadn’t thought about because by then I was living in Germany.

My friend told me: “I totally see you, they’re looking for someone who’s not afraid of starting something from scratch, with experience in German-speaking countries and in Spain, and it’s in the tech industry”. So I read the description and I thought: “This sounds cool!” I sent my application and the process was very fast, so... this was meant to be!

  • When did you start at fiskaly, and what tasks have you been handling until now?

I joined around the end of 2022. fiskaly was already doing well in Germany and Austria and wanted to expand to Spain, especially with the news of a new cloud-based fiscalization legislation on the horizon. We spent the first few months analyzing the market, figuring out what our product should look like, and understanding what our potential clients needed. Once we got the green light from the tax authorities, our team started growing, and we set up departments for sales, marketing, and tech support.

  • What challenges do you anticipate facing as the new Country Manager in Spain, and how do you plan to overcome them?

The main challenge for fiskaly is to become the go-to fiscal partner for development companies in Spain. We'll tackle this challenge just like we've been doing: by collaborating closely with tax authorities and impacted companies, crafting a product that's straightforward, easy to adopt, and ensures our customers comply fully with the law.

  • How do you plan to ensure that fiskaly's solutions remain at the forefront of meeting the dynamic fiscal regulations in Spain, such as the Anti-fraud and Crea y Crece laws? For our readers, could you explain them briefly in one sentence?

The Spanish Anti-Fraud Law outlines various measures aimed at preventing fiscal evasion, one of which is the prohibition of dual-use software. Such invoicing software must adhere to specific technical requirements ensuring the integrity of issued invoices. In contrast, the Crea y Crece Law isn't focused on combating tax fraud; instead, it aims to streamline company formation, minimize late payments, and promote digitalization in business interactions through electronic invoicing.

We think it's crucial to stay ahead by having a team that focuses on studying the legal and technical aspects of new regulations. We also believe in working closely with tax authorities in each country to suggest improvements and address any questions that companies and taxpayers may have.

  • What are your future milestones?

Certainly, the main one is to establish fiskaly as a leader in the Spanish market. We understand that this won't happen overnight and it'll be a challenging journey. Yet, with our highly skilled team and the wealth of experience gained from operations in other countries, coupled with the trust of over 600 development companies across Europe, we're motivated and inspired!

Impactful leadership beckons

With Isabel Nogales steering the ship, we're bracing for an era of significant advancements and enhancements at fiskaly Spain. What truly sets Isabel apart is her visionary approach and steadfast leadership, which proved instrumental in fiskaly's expansion into the Spanish market. Securing key strategic clients in Spain, Isabel's contribution has been pivotal to our organic growth, making her promotion to Country Manager a well-deserved milestone.

Her deep understanding of fiscal regulations and technological innovations promises a smoother alignment with current and upcoming fiscal legislations like the Crea y Crece law and the Anti-fraud law with Veri*factu, and TicketBAI. Isabel's expert insight is set to further refine our client-centric solutions and spearhead our expansion in the Spanish market with unmatched zeal and effectiveness.

Join fiskaly in… Madrid!

With over 600 B2B software vendors placing their trust in our solutions around Europe, and under Isabel's visionary guidance, we're geared up for a leap forward in the Spanish market. 

But beyond the promotion of Isabel Nogales, fiskaly Spain is inaugurating another significant transition - the relocation of our fiscal address from the Basque Country to Madrid. This strategic move not only situates us at the heart of Spain's business and tech ecosystem but also facilitates closer connections with key partners, clients and national tax authorities, enhancing our operational efficiency and fostering stronger professional networks within the country's vibrant capital.

SIGN ES: fiscalization software for companies in Spain

To stay ahead in compliance and seamlessly adapt to new legislations, discover SIGN ES, our fiscal software with zero integration costs, fully compatible with TicketBAI, Veri*factu and mandatory B2B e-invoice. Get ready to join us on this thrilling voyage towards fiscal compliance and operational efficiency!

For more information, visit our SIGN ES page and see how our Verifactu API and TicketBAI API seamlessly integrate with your current software or ERP. Your questions and inquiries are always a top priority for us at fiskaly. Reach out to our team to learn more about our fiscal solutions.

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