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Webinar: 'Digital receipts: nuisance or opportunity'.

Johannes Ferner,  CEO
Johannes Ferner
2 min tempo per leggere

It's time to get familiar with digital receipts - are you ready?

Have you, as a retailer, already adapted your processes to digital receipts? Can your POS system issue digital receipts at all?

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital receipts. In our webinar you will learn about the benefits of the valuable customer contact point: the receipt. In use cases like gastronomy or retail we will show you the potential you have with digital receipts.

Digital receipts - nuisance or opportunity? Thursday, January 26, 2023 - starting at 4 p.m. CET

After the seminar, you will know:

  • the strengths of the digital receipt and why you want to switch over
  • use cases of the digital receipt in different industries (gastronomy, retail, services, etc.)
  • the benefits and challenges of using your own digital receipt and those of a third-party provider
  • the advantages of the fiskaly receipt and why it is so simple to integrate it

The webinar is aimed at POS providers as well as retailers with their own POS software.

Watch the recorded webinar 'Digital receipts: nuisance or opportunity'

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