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New application decree to the AO by the BMF.

Hannah Roegele,  Product Marketing Manager
Hannah Roegele
Product Marketing Manager
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The new 2023 version of the Application Decree for the Fiscal Code (Anwendungserlasses der Abgabenordnung, AEAO) brings significant changes, especially in the area of taximeters and odometers. In addition, the DSFinV-K is particularly relevant for cash register inspections from 2023 onwards. Would you like to be informed about the latest updates? Then register for our webinar!

Join us for an upcoming webinar where you'll learn about the latest developments regarding the Cash Register Security Regulation 2023. The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) has issued a revised Application Decree for the Tax Code § 146a (AEAO). Discover the impact of the AEAO on cash register systems, taxi meters, and odometers. Gain insights into the relevance of DSFinV-K during cash register inspections, as well as the current status of the reporting procedure for cash registers with the tax authorities. Stay informed by registering for the webinar today!

New BMF Application Decree + Updates on Reporting Obligation & DSFinV-K

Date and time: Thursday, July 20, 2023, 11 am CEST

Please be aware that this webinar will only be available in German.