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Digital receipts by fiskaly integrated into Apple Wallet.

Victoria Waba,  Content Marketing Manager
Victoria Waba
Content Marketing Manager
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In an increasingly digital world, transaction processes and consumer demands are rapidly evolving. Gone are the days of collecting paper receipts and sifting through them for returns, warranties, or accounting purposes. fiskaly is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a seamless solution that caters to modern needs with our digital receipt product.

Now, taking a significant step further, fiskaly’s digital receipts can be added directly to Apple Wallet, in addition to the already established Google Wallet™ integration, providing convenience for an even larger number of consumers.

From easy API integration to customer convenience at the checkout

Integrating digital receipts into your POS system and offering them to your customers who can then add it to their Apple wallet is a straightforward and effortless process:

  • The fully documented fiskaly eReceipt API is integrated into the POS, ensuring legal compliance with all EU countries and total data security guaranteed by fiskaly’s ISO 27001. If you are a merchant and want to get started with e-receipts, please ask your POS provider if they are already offering the feature.
  • The digital receipt can be customized via the intuitive merchant dashboard, giving merchants the option to adjust languages, add custom sections such as limited time offers, and utilize the receipt as an additional marketing channel that can address past customers with up-to-date information long after they visited a store.
  • After the purchase, a QR code is displayed to the customer at the checkout to enable receipt issuing without providing personal data.
  • By scanning the QR code, the digital receipt is displayed on the customer’s mobile device and can be added to their Apple Wallet with one click, making it easily accessible for returns, exchanges, or warranty claims, thereby streamlining the post-purchase experience.

Make your POS system future-proof with electronic receipts.

Do you want to use digital receipts to your advantage? Modernize your POS system and make the most of the checkout process. Get started today and try it out, we are here to support you.

More about the digital receipt.

Un telefono cellulare sul cui schermo viene mostrata lo scontrino digitale di fiskaly
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Ricevute digitali di fiskaly integrate con Google Wallet™

Con la nostra soluzione per l'emissione di ricevute digitali, noi di fiskaly ci focalizziamo sul valore aggiunto e sui servizi integrativi, come l'offerta di collaborazioni a 360 gradi. Abbiamo ottenuto il nostro primo grande successo con Google, ovvero la possibilità di archiviare le ricevute elettroniche su Google Wallet™.
a customer puts their smartphone on a handheld device for contactless payment and automated digital receipt delivery
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Digital receipt automation and the power of consumer centricity

The digital receipt has already existed in the market for a few years now. It’s widely discussed, the benefits are plenty and often obvious. Despite cost-saving, the environmental aspect, and other advantages of using digital receipts, the e-receipt is still not the standard. What’s missing? Find out about trends, seamless delivery, and solving real needs in this article.