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Cloud TSS migration to V2.

Elias Priesching,  Responsabile Vendite
Elias Priesching
Responsabile Vendite
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fiskaly Cloud TSS V2 is the certified TSS!

The certified fiskaly Cloud TSS is stable and can now be integrated. To do this, you migrate the system to V2.

Migrate now to Cloud TSS V2!

Get started now with fiskaly’s certified Cloud TSS. To do this, you migrate the system from V1 to V2. With V2, we have revised and improved the system and incorporated your feedback. Thus, V2 is our best and most stable system. Important! V2 is the only certified Cloud TSS from fiskaly.

Why is the migration to V2 important?

To comply with the legal requirements you need to migrate to V2. With the migration to V2, you can expect a revised system that works better and more stable than V1.

The benefits at a glance

  • V2 is THE certified Cloud TSS from fiskaly
  • A even better system
  • A even more stable system
  • Customer feedback was taken into account
  • Higher customer satisfaction

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team at sales@fiskaly.com.