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fiskaly and Verdane: An investment in international growth.

Victoria Waba,  Content Marketing Manager
Victoria Waba
Content Marketing Manager
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We proudly announce that Verdane, a European specialist growth investment firm, has invested in fiskaly, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards European growth. This strategic investment is aimed at enhancing our market position in Germany, Austria, and Spain, supporting our international expansion, and accelerating our goal of becoming Europe's leading cloud-based fiscalization provider.

Verdane's investment comes from its Freya XI fund, which closed last September at a €1.1 billion hard cap, investing in ticket sizes ranging from €20 to €250 million. This partnership is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire fiskaly team, and it will enable us to accelerate our growth even further and continue delivering the best fiscalization solutions across Europe.

Tailored solutions for complex requirements across Europe

In Germany alone, the Federal Audit Office (2023) estimates that insufficient cash register tracking potentially results in up to €70 billion in annual losses from uncollected taxes and social security contributions. To address such losses, fiscalization laws have been introduced in many European countries. These laws require businesses to electronically record and archive all transactions and can be complex across different jurisdictions.

At fiskaly, we provide seamless, cloud-based solutions to meet these diverse requirements throughout Europe. Our clients include major retailers and high-growth PoS software vendors such as orderbird, Lightspeed, SumUp, and ready2order. With more than 800 B2B customers, serving over 500,000 PoS, fiskaly secures up to 850 transactions per second during normal business hours.

Self-sustaining and growing without having received institutional investment until now, we view this partnership with Verdane as an opportunity to enhance our financial stability and long-term growth. Our focus is set on the Spanish market as the next major international success story.

This investment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. It will enable us to accelerate our growth even further and continue delivering top-notch fiscalization solutions. We are excited to collaborate with Verdane and leverage their expertise as we expand into Spain, and new markets such as Italy and beyond.

— Johannes Ferner, CEO fiskaly

 We are very much looking forward to partnering with fiskaly, the founders, and the entire team. We aim to support the next chapter of fiskaly's growth journey with our in-house functional experts, ecosystem, and hands-on expertise. We strongly believe fiskaly contributes to greater transparency, efficiency, and reduces tax evasion, ultimately benefiting society. We want to support the roll-out throughout Europe.

— Dominik Schwarz, Partner at Verdane

 We thank the management team for choosing Verdane as their partner and for their confidence in Verdane's platform, our thematic focus, and our proven value creation recipe to support their ambition for future growth.

— Maximilian Kempken, Director at Verdane

fiskaly is ready for this next chapter of long-term growth

As part of our growth strategy, fiskaly is exploring opportunities for mergers and acquisitions to enhance our market reach and service offerings, alongside pushing for organic product and geographic expansions.

We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to the continued support of our valued clients and partners. Together, we will shape the future of fiscalization in Europe.