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SIGN ES with TBAI and Verifactu

SIGN ES with TBAI and Verifactu.

Integrate SIGN ES via API for Spain. SIGN ES software is 100% legally compliant & generates digital signatures for transactions in your POS system.

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Benefits of SIGN ES.

Easy API Integration

Our API easily integrates with your POS system so that you can comply with TicketBAI and Ver*factu without any software change.

Data management

Processes - such as rollout to all customers - are automated via the management API.


We provide all certificates you need for the compliant operation of fiskaly SIGN ES.

Resource saving

Automation, easy data management, no hardware - environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.

Seamless integration

SIGN ES is seamlessly integrated with all fiskaly products - even across countries.

Test SIGN ES for free

Get to know how easily and efficiently our system works before signing a contract.

SIGN ES with TicketBAI

TBAI is a software-based fiscalization system that provides transaction data to the authorities in real-time. POS application used for the creation and transmission of transactions must be registered with the provincial tax authorities.

Details about TBAI: features, benefits and FAQ
SIGN ES with TicketBAI

SIGN ES with Veri*factu

VERI*FACTU is a software that complies with the anti-fraud law and generates verifiable invoices. It includes a QR-code in the invoice and communicates with the Spanish Tax Authority. Verifactu software is expected to be mandatory in Spain as of 2024.

Details about VERI*FACTU: FAQ, features and benefits
SIGN ES with Veri*factu

e-invoice in Spain

Be one step ahead – Comply with the new "Ley crea y crece" regulation in Spain and adapt your software to electronic invoicing with SIGN ES.

Details about e-invoicing in Spain: FAQ, features and benefits
e-invoice in Spain

Become compliant in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Try our SIGN ES API for free. With our Quick-Start option you can even get started extra fast.

Step 2

Integrate SIGN ES API into your own POS system.

Step 3

Go live and automatically roll out the system to all your customers or POS devices.

Fiscalization in Spain - What you need to know!

Fiscalization in Spain - What you need to know!

Are you keeping up with the latest Spanish fiscalization legislation? As a POS provider or entrepreneur, it's crucial to have a solid understanding of fiscalization in Spain. Our latest whitepaper offers a thorough analysis of both current and proposed regulations, from the Basque Country to the national level. Don't wait – download our whitepaper now and stay informed.


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Keep yourself updated and be 100% legally compliant.

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