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SIGN ES with TBAI and Verifactu

SIGN ES with TBAI and Verifactu.

Integrate SIGN ES via API for Spain. SIGN ES software is 100% legally compliant & generates digital signatures for transactions in your POS system.

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Benefits of SIGN ES.

100% cloud-based

Implementation in the cloud, with no hardware investment and easy to operate.

Easy API Integration

Our API easily integrates with your POS system so that you can comply with TicketBAI and Ver*factu without any software change.

Data management

Processes - such as rollout to all customers - are automated via the management API.

Resource saving

Automation, easy data management, no hardware - environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.

Seamless integration

SIGN ES is seamlessly integrated with all fiskaly products - even across countries.

Test SIGN ES for free

Get to know how easily and efficiently our system works before signing a contract.

SIGN ES with TicketBAI

TBAI is a software-based fiscalization system that provides transaction data to the authorities in real-time. POS application used for the creation and transmission of transactions must be registered with the provincial tax authorities.

Details about TBAI: features, benefits and FAQ
SIGN ES with TicketBAI

SIGN ES with Veri*factu

VERI*FACTU is a software that complies with the anti-fraud law and generates verifiable invoices. It includes a QR-code in the invoice and communicates with the Spanish Tax Authority. Verifactu software is expected to be mandatory in Spain as of 2024.

Details about VERI*FACTU: FAQ, features and benefits
SIGN ES with Veri*factu

Become compliant in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Try our SIGN ES API for free. With our Quick-Start option you can even get started extra fast.

Step 2

Integrate SIGN ES API into your own POS system.

Step 3

Go live and automatically roll out the system to all your customers or POS devices.


Keep yourself updated and be 100% legally compliant.

Do you have any questions about TBAI or Veri*factu?

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