Our Team.

We are a diverse mixture of curious people, actively supporting and motivating each other, while unusual backgrounds are the rule, not the exception.

People at fiskaly are awesome

Every team member brings new perspectives and enriching facets to our diverse team - developers, financial experts, and professionals behind fiskaly who make the world of receipts simple.

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Driven by a culture of innovation

We're dedicated to crafting a future where regulatory processes are no longer a hurdle but a catalyst for transparent, ethical business growth.

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Team in numbers.

More about fiskaly
over80High-End Professionals
from more than25Nationalities worldwide
over55%In Development
more than10Internal Teams

We are fiskaly.

A passionate crew of developers, financial experts, and professionals behind making human-oriented fiscalization solutions.

  • Product Education.

    Empowering customers with product knowledge, backed by exceptional customer support and technical expertise.

    • Adrian Zatorski, Customer Success Manager

      Adrian Zatorski

      Customer Success Manager

    • Alexander Scherer, Lead Product Education

      Alexander Scherer

      Lead Product Education

    • Bettina Gergely, Customer Success Manager

      Bettina Gergely

      Customer Success Manager

    • Malina Helleis, Customer Success Manager

      Malina Helleis

      Customer Success Manager

    • Negar Rahbar, Product Education Engineer

      Negar Rahbar

      Product Education Engineer

  • Engineering & Software Development.

    The powerhouse behind fiskaly, building innovative, secure, and user-centric fiscal solutions and taking care of IT security.

    • Ahmed Ashraf, Fullstack Developer

      Ahmed Ashraf

      Fullstack Developer

    • Alexander Wondrak, Developer

      Alexander Wondrak


    • Almin Islamovic, Backend Developer

      Almin Islamovic

      Backend Developer

    • Andrii Naichuk, UX-UI Developer

      Andrii Naichuk

      UX-UI Developer

    • Ben Gramann, System Administrator

      Ben Gramann

      System Administrator

    • Benjamin Auinger, Technical Product Owner - SIGN AT

      Benjamin Auinger

      Technical Product Owner - SIGN AT

    • Benjamin Falk, Technical Product Owner - fiskaly DSFinV-K

      Benjamin Falk

      Technical Product Owner - fiskaly DSFinV-K

    • Christoph Kaineder, Technical Product Owner - SIGN DE

      Christoph Kaineder

      Technical Product Owner - SIGN DE

    • Francesca Rinaldi, Frontend Developer

      Francesca Rinaldi

      Frontend Developer

    • Ihor Bukin, Backend Developer

      Ihor Bukin

      Backend Developer

    • Jaume Moreno, Backend Developer

      Jaume Moreno

      Backend Developer

    • Joann Mistica, Backend Developer

      Joann Mistica

      Backend Developer

    • Johannes Hartl, Developer

      Johannes Hartl


    • John Krause, IT Security Manager

      John Krause

      IT Security Manager

    • Joseph Durcau, Product Lead

      Joseph Durcau

      Product Lead

    • José Torre, Information Security Manager

      José Torre

      Information Security Manager

    • Josh Lawrie, Engineering Manager

      Josh Lawrie

      Engineering Manager

    • Juan Santos, Fullstack Developer

      Juan Santos

      Fullstack Developer

    • Kostas Plakidas, Backend Developer

      Kostas Plakidas

      Backend Developer

    • Laure Piechaczyk, Developer

      Laure Piechaczyk


    • Lukas Crepaz, Backend Developer

      Lukas Crepaz

      Backend Developer

    • Madalina Harii, Frontend Developer

      Madalina Harii

      Frontend Developer

    • Marco Kolbas, System Administrator

      Marco Kolbas

      System Administrator

    • Martin Moro, Frontend Developer

      Martin Moro

      Frontend Developer

    • Maxim Skuchilin, Backend Developer

      Maxim Skuchilin

      Backend Developer

    • Nikolaus Plaschka, Engineering Manager

      Nikolaus Plaschka

      Engineering Manager

    • Philipp Paulweber, VP of Engineering

      Philipp Paulweber

      VP of Engineering

    • Raul Ferreira, Backend Developer

      Raul Ferreira

      Backend Developer

    • Rupert Meindl, Backend Developer

      Rupert Meindl

      Backend Developer

    • Sevasti Asvesta, Developer

      Sevasti Asvesta


    • Slawomir Amielucha, Frontend Developer

      Slawomir Amielucha

      Frontend Developer

    • Stefan Kohlbacher, Product Manager Digital Receipt

      Stefan Kohlbacher

      Product Manager Digital Receipt

    • Vijay Kumar, Backend Developer

      Vijay Kumar

      Backend Developer

    • William Baer, Backend Developer

      William Baer

      Backend Developer

    • Yves Iraguha, Fullstack Developer

      Yves Iraguha

      Fullstack Developer

    • Zoltán Farkas, Backend Developer

      Zoltán Farkas

      Backend Developer

    • Marin Svenda, Backend Developer

      Marin Svenda

      Backend Developer

    • Samiul Sakib, Backend Developer

      Samiul Sakib

      Backend Developer

  • Business Development.

    Pioneering growth with tailored solutions, dedicated client partnerships, and sales expertise.

    • Alex Landauer, Business Development Assistant

      Alex Landauer

      Business Development Assistant

    • Carlos Prallong, Business Development Manager

      Carlos Prallong

      Business Development Manager

    • Eduardo Jorge, Business Development Manager

      Eduardo Jorge

      Business Development Manager

    • Elias Priesching, Head of Sales

      Elias Priesching

      Head of Sales

    • Florencia Piacente, Requirements Engineer

      Florencia Piacente

      Requirements Engineer

    • Florian Dopler, Business Development Manager

      Florian Dopler

      Business Development Manager

    • Isabel Nogales, Country Manager Spain

      Isabel Nogales

      Country Manager Spain

    • Laura Leithner, Business Development Manager

      Laura Leithner

      Business Development Manager

    • Lucia Dolce, Key Account Manager

      Lucia Dolce

      Key Account Manager

    • Maja Pavlovic, Business Development Manager

      Maja Pavlovic

      Business Development Manager

    • Max Stainer, Key Account Manager

      Max Stainer

      Key Account Manager

    • Moritz Wild, Key Account Manager

      Moritz Wild

      Key Account Manager

    • Nikolaus Brunner, Business Development Manager

      Nikolaus Brunner

      Business Development Manager

    • Oliver J. Abl, Country Manager Germany

      Oliver J. Abl

      Country Manager Germany

    • Raphael Haberl, Sales Assistant

      Raphael Haberl

      Sales Assistant

  • Business & Office Administration.

    Managing in-house operations and coordinating with other departments to maintain an efficient workplace.

    • Anca Murarasu, Office Administration

      Anca Murarasu

      Office Administration

    • Anna-Sophie Wiesinger, Lead Business & Office Administration

      Anna-Sophie Wiesinger

      Lead Business & Office Administration

    • Sylvia Armster, People Operations

      Sylvia Armster

      People Operations

  • Accounting & Controlling.

    The team behind financial planning, reporting, budgeting, and auditing.

    • Augustine Gröbacher-Chen, Accounting Associate

      Augustine Gröbacher-Chen

      Accounting Associate

    • Marilena Cruceru, Accounting Associate

      Marilena Cruceru

      Accounting Associate

    • Michal Sigmund, Controller

      Michal Sigmund


    • Roland Wiesinger, Lead Accounting & Controlling

      Roland Wiesinger

      Lead Accounting & Controlling

  • Marketing.

    Driving brand growth through creative content, innovative strategies, and effective communication.

    More about fiskaly
    • Elisabeth Kantor, Lead Marketing & Communication

      Elisabeth Kantor

      Lead Marketing & Communication

    • Hannah Roegele, Marketing Manager

      Hannah Roegele

      Marketing Manager

    • Ilona Dlin, Growth Hacker

      Ilona Dlin

      Growth Hacker

    • Matej Cerkvenik, Growth Hacker

      Matej Cerkvenik

      Growth Hacker

    • Rocío Arquiola, Marketing & PR Manager ES

      Rocío Arquiola

      Marketing & PR Manager ES

    • Victoria Waba, Content Marketing Manager

      Victoria Waba

      Content Marketing Manager

    • Rina Soloveichik, Communications & PR Manager Germany

      Rina Soloveichik

      Communications & PR Manager Germany

  • People & Culture.

    Building an inclusive work culture, finding awesome new people, and nurturing talent.

    More about our culture
    • Emma Perina, People & Culture Specialist

      Emma Perina

      People & Culture Specialist

    • Gerlinde Kaineder, Lead People & Culture

      Gerlinde Kaineder

      Lead People & Culture

    • Ivana Svrcek, Sr. Agile Coach

      Ivana Svrcek

      Sr. Agile Coach

    • Margit Rottmann, People & Culture Specialist

      Margit Rottmann

      People & Culture Specialist

    • Orestis Fokas, Agile Coach

      Orestis Fokas

      Agile Coach

    • Alex Tejeda, Agile Coach

      Alex Tejeda

      Agile Coach

  • Founders.

    Driving innovation, fostering growth, and setting the course for fiskaly's successful future since 2019.

    • Johannes Ferner, CEO

      Johannes Ferner


    • Patrick Gaubatz, CTO

      Patrick Gaubatz


    • Simon Tragatschnig, COO

      Simon Tragatschnig


Join the crew.

Millions of people get in touch with fiskaly's products every day - and you are one of them. By making every receipt unique with a digital signature, we contribute to preventing tax fraud. And so can you.

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