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Our Team

We are a mixture of curious people, we actively support and motivate each other. Interesting personalities with unusual backgrounds are the rule, not the exception and this is what we love. Every team member brings new perspectives and enriching facets to our diverse team.

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Our Team

People @ fiskaly are awesome

Meet us: developers, financial experts, and professionals behind fiskaly who make the world of receipts simple.

  • Adrian Zatorski, Customer Success Manager

    Adrian Zatorski

    Customer Success Manager

  • Ahmed Ashraf, Fullstack Developer

    Ahmed Ashraf

    Fullstack Developer

  • Alexander Scherer, Technical Product Owner - Product Education

    Alexander Scherer

    Technical Product Owner - Product Education

  • Alexander Wondrak, Developer

    Alexander Wondrak


  • Anca Murarasu, Office Administration

    Anca Murarasu

    Office Administration

  • Andrii Naichuk, UX-UI Developer

    Andrii Naichuk

    UX-UI Developer

  • Anna-Sophie Wiesinger, Lead Business & Office Administration

    Anna-Sophie Wiesinger

    Lead Business & Office Administration

  • Augustine Gröbacher-Chen, Accounting Associate

    Augustine Gröbacher-Chen

    Accounting Associate

  • Benjamin Auinger, Technical Product Owner - SIGN AT

    Benjamin Auinger

    Technical Product Owner - SIGN AT

  • Benjamin Falk, Technical Product Owner - fiskaly DSFinV-K

    Benjamin Falk

    Technical Product Owner - fiskaly DSFinV-K

  • Christoph Kaineder, Technical Product Owner - SIGN DE

    Christoph Kaineder

    Technical Product Owner - SIGN DE

  • Eduardo Jacobo, Business Development Manager

    Eduardo Jacobo

    Business Development Manager

  • Elias Priesching, Sales Lead

    Elias Priesching

    Sales Lead

  • Elisabeth Kantor, Marketing Lead

    Elisabeth Kantor

    Marketing Lead

  • Elisabeth Schießl, Accounting Associate

    Elisabeth Schießl

    Accounting Associate

  • Emma Perina, People & Culture Specialist

    Emma Perina

    People & Culture Specialist

  • Florencia Piacente, Requirements Engineer - SIGN ES

    Florencia Piacente

    Requirements Engineer - SIGN ES

  • Francesca Rinaldi, Frontend Developer

    Francesca Rinaldi

    Frontend Developer

  • Frederic Lassnig, Controlling Associate

    Frederic Lassnig

    Controlling Associate

  • Gerlinde Kaineder, People & Culture Team Lead

    Gerlinde Kaineder

    People & Culture Team Lead

  • Hannah Roegele, Marketing Manager

    Hannah Roegele

    Marketing Manager

  • Ihor Bukin, Backend Developer

    Ihor Bukin

    Backend Developer

  • Ilona Dlin, Growth Hacker

    Ilona Dlin

    Growth Hacker

  • Jaume Moreno, Backend Developer

    Jaume Moreno

    Backend Developer

  • Joann Mistica , Backend Developer

    Joann Mistica

    Backend Developer

  • Johannes Ferner, CEO

    Johannes Ferner


  • Johannes Hartl, Developer

    Johannes Hartl


  • John Krause, IT Security Manager

    John Krause

    IT Security Manager

  • Joseph Durcau, Agile Coach

    Joseph Durcau

    Agile Coach

  • José Torre, Information Security Manager

    José Torre

    Information Security Manager

  • Josh Lawrie, Engineering Manager

    Josh Lawrie

    Engineering Manager

  • Kostas Plakidas, Backend Developer

    Kostas Plakidas

    Backend Developer

  • Laura Leithner, Business Development Manager

    Laura Leithner

    Business Development Manager

  • Laure Piechaczyk, Product Education Engineer

    Laure Piechaczyk

    Product Education Engineer

  • Lukas Crepaz, Backend Developer

    Lukas Crepaz

    Backend Developer

  • Liliana Stan, Office Administration

    Liliana Stan

    Office Administration

  • Lucia Dolce, Key Account Manager

    Lucia Dolce

    Key Account Manager

  • Madalina Harii, Frontend Developer

    Madalina Harii

    Frontend Developer

  • Malina Helleis, Customer Success Manager

    Malina Helleis

    Customer Success Manager

  • Marco Kolbas, Senior System Administrator

    Marco Kolbas

    Senior System Administrator

  • Margit Rottmann, People & Culture Specialist

    Margit Rottmann

    People & Culture Specialist

  • Marilena Cruceru, Accounting Associate

    Marilena Cruceru

    Accounting Associate

  • Martin Moro, Frontend Developer

    Martin Moro

    Frontend Developer

  • Matej Cerkvenik, Growth Hacker

    Matej Cerkvenik

    Growth Hacker

  • Max Stainer, Key Account Manager

    Max Stainer

    Key Account Manager

  • Maxim Skuchilin, Backend Developer

    Maxim Skuchilin

    Backend Developer

  • Milan Markovic, Content Creator

    Milan Markovic

    Content Creator

  • Moritz Wild, Key Account Manager

    Moritz Wild

    Key Account Manager

  • Negar Rahbar, Product Education Engineer

    Negar Rahbar

    Product Education Engineer

  • Nemanja Baljevic, Business Development Assistant

    Nemanja Baljevic

    Business Development Assistant

  • Nikolaus Plaschka, Engineering Manager

    Nikolaus Plaschka

    Engineering Manager

  • Norman Rodger-Gruber, Business Development Manager

    Norman Rodger-Gruber

    Business Development Manager

  • Oliver J. Abl, Key Account Manager

    Oliver J. Abl

    Key Account Manager

  • Patrick Gaubatz, CTO

    Patrick Gaubatz


  • Philipp Paulweber, VPE

    Philipp Paulweber


  • Pedro Pereira, Backend Developer

    Pedro Pereira

    Backend Developer

  • Raphael Haberl, Sales Assistant

    Raphael Haberl

    Sales Assistant

  • Raul Ferreira, Backend Developer

    Raul Ferreira

    Backend Developer

  • Rocío Arquiola, Marketing & PR Manager

    Rocío Arquiola

    Marketing & PR Manager

  • Roland Wiesinger, Controlling

    Roland Wiesinger


  • Rupert Meindl, Backend Developer

    Rupert Meindl

    Backend Developer

  • Sevasti Asvesta, Product Education Engineer

    Sevasti Asvesta

    Product Education Engineer

  • Simon Tragatschnig, COO

    Simon Tragatschnig


  • Stefan Kohlbacher, Product Manager - fiskaly receipt

    Stefan Kohlbacher

    Product Manager - fiskaly receipt

  • Sylvia Armster, People Operations

    Sylvia Armster

    People Operations

  • Victoria Waba, Content Marketing Manager

    Victoria Waba

    Content Marketing Manager

  • Vijay Kumar, Backend Developer

    Vijay Kumar

    Backend Developer

  • Viktoria Simai, Agile Coach

    Viktoria Simai

    Agile Coach

  • William Baer, Collaborating Developer

    William Baer

    Collaborating Developer

  • Yves Iraguha, Fullstack Developer

    Yves Iraguha

    Fullstack Developer

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