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Still a developer at heart - clean code is my passion.

My work at fiskaly

My journey with fiskaly began at the end of 2018 (at that time the company was still called Codewerkstatt). As the first full-time employee, I started with frontend development (React). Pretty soon, tasks in the backend (Node.js) were added. Things got really exciting when our work on the implementation of the German Cash Security Ordinance (https://kassensichv.net/) really took off. Extensive requirements had to be taken into account in product development and the products had to be evaluated and certified in certification procedures, including Common Criteria (an international standard for testing and evaluating the security features of IT products). Since my start at fiskaly, the number of employees has multiplied and the scope of my duties has increasingly expanded and shifted to management activities regarding product development and certification. Nevertheless, I still see myself as a software developer (currently mainly in Java) and try to invest as much time as possible into that. I enjoy being part of a motivated, multicultural team that overcomes challenges together, practices high quality as well as agile software development, and tries to improve constantly.