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New Country Manager for fiskaly Germany: Oliver Abl.

Big Plans for Germany

fiskaly has appointed Oliver Abl as Country Manager for fiskaly Germany. In this role, he is focusing on strategic communication and further development of the market, in addition to managing the business. Oliver has a background in finance and consulting, and has been with fiskaly for three years. We spoke to Oliver about his plans for Germany and his vision for fiskaly as a pioneer at the intersection of politics and technology.

First, for context, where did you apply your talents before fiskaly and at fiskaly so far?

I'm originally from Salzburg and came to Vienna in 2010 to study Economics and Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics. The conventional career path would have been to go into banking.

Did that happen?

I did work in that field, but corporate life wasn't for me because it lacked creative freedom. I then worked at a macroeconomic consulting firm in Vienna and enjoyed the communicative part. In July 2020, I joined fiskaly, initially in traditional sales. It went very well, even though my temperament is very team-oriented, and I don't necessarily have that classic competitive sales mentality. When the question arose about who should move over to Germany, I volunteered to give it a try.

Now, you've been in Germany for two years; what changes with the new role?

fiskaly has managed to establish itself in a highly regulated German market. We achieved this because we think innovatively while having extensive IT security expertise. We made a very complex requirement easily implementable. This is actually a prime example of how it's possible to innovatively achieve political goals and advance digitalization in government.

What are the goals as Country Manager? What do you want to expand upon?

Cloud-based technologies are still relatively new when it comes to implementing government regulations. Potential customers and regulators are particularly concerned about security. Part of my task will be to clarify that cloud-based fiscalization is not only easier to implement but also much more secure and thus more compliant. However, sometimes it takes courage to embrace new solutions. I already see this courage in Germany, and I want to continue nurturing it.

What makes the German market unique?

Germany is a massive market. Very few certified providers offer the Technical Security System (TSS) in Germany. These solutions are either hardware-based with USB sticks or hybrid solutions. We are the only ones who can implement this purely in software. That makes our solution very attractive to taxpayers.

You also plan to expand the team in Germany. What do you understand by “leadership”?

I see my role as Country Manager in creating the right conditions so that each team member can fulfill their own potential. I look forward to that!

Do you want to get in touch with Oliver? Find him on LinkedIn.