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fiskaly, in collaboration with Cumplen, will be presenting a series of 3 webinars

Rocío Arquiola,  Fiscalization Expert Spain
Rocío Arquiola
Fiscalization Expert Spain
3 min read

One of fiskaly's main objectives is to simplify the world of tax compliance, especially at this critical time when ensuring compliance with upcoming regulations in Spain is essential.

To help you navigate the legislative landscape, we are excited to announce a series of three webinars in collaboration with Cumplen, the Spanish Association of Compliance Professionals, of which we are partners.

These webinars are tailored for companies, SMEs, and compliance professionals who are looking to understand and adapt to the new tax regulations in Spain.

Introduction to the new legislations

Spain's regulatory landscape is undergoing significant changes with the introduction of the Anti-Fraud Law and the Crea y Crece Law, which mandate compliance by 2025. These regulations aim to enhance the fight against tax fraud and promote business growth through digitization and transparency. 

But what do these laws mean for your business? In this webinar series, we'll demystify each law, explain its technical requirements, and guide you on how to ensure compliance.

Webinar 1: Business Adaptation to the Anti-Fraud and Crea y Crece Laws

The Anti-Fraud Law and the Create and Grow Law share certain objectives while differing in others, each employing distinct approaches to achieve them. In our first webinar on June 20, 2024, at 5 p.m., we'll delve into the nuances of these laws. You'll gain insights into how each regulation affects various facets of your business and discover the necessary measures for compliance with both.

Getting ready to adhere to these laws can be simple as well. We'll cover optimal approaches and various strategies for aligning your systems and procedures with the new legal mandates.

Register here:

🖥️ Webinar: Business Adaptation to the Anti-Fraud and Crea y Crece Laws

🗓️ Date & time: June 20, 2024, at 5pm

➡️ Registration link: https://www.cumplen.com/actividades_ficha.php?idActividades=287

Webinar 2: theAnti-fraud Law and technical requirements of Verifactu systems

Exploring the Anti-Fraud Law

The Anti-Fraud Law introduces a series of technical requirements that companies must comply with to avoid sanctions. In this webinar, whose date is yet to be defined pending the approval of the Ministerial Order of the law, we will delve into these prerequisites in detail.

We will explain the two compliance modes outlined by the regulation, and we will show you what Verifactu systems and Non-Verifactu systems are and how they work. We will also discuss the steps needed to integrate these systems into your daily operations, as well as sharing practical tips to ensure a smooth implementation.

Webinar 3: the Spanish Crea y Crece Law and mandatory B2B e-invoice

Introduction to B2B e-Invoicing

The Crea y Crece Law mandates the adoption of electronic invoices in B2B transactions starting in 2025. In our upcoming third webinar, whose date is pending confirmation, we will elucidate the technical prerequisites for issuing and receiving electronic invoices among businesses and professionals as outlined by the legislation.

Electronic invoices not only fulfill an obligatory requirement by the Administration but also offer substantial advantages to companies in terms of digitalization, automation, data analysis, and tax transparency.

Interested in attending the webinars?

Staying informed about new tax regulations is crucial for every business's success and longevity. That's why our collaborative webinars with Cumplen aim to equip you, whether you're a company, a compliance professional, or a software developer, with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the Anti-Fraud Law and the Crea y Crece Law.

Secure your spot for the first webinar by registering here (the session will be in Spanish).

Additionally, keep an eye on our website for future webinars and initiatives, aimed at aiding companies in their quest for compliance and operational excellence. We are really looking forward to seeing you there!

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