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Veri*Factu made simple.

SIGN ES VeriFactu API simplifies integration and compliance with the new anti-fraud law in Spain.

VeriFactu compliant100% cloud-based


for POS Vendors

We connect easily to any management software or ERP so that you comply 100% with the new VeriFactu regulations. Integrate our solution in your POS effectively and comply with Verifactu.

for Retailers

If you have your own POS system and want to adapt it to the new anti-fraud law, we offer you a customized solution for your business. The integration is quick and easy, both for small and large companies.

Benefits of SIGN ES Veri*Factu API.


100% in the cloud, completely hardware-free. That is our claim to our products - now and in the future.

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Get to know our system and see SIGN ES for yourself before you sign a contract. Upgrade your software POS with minimum effort.

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With fiskaly, you have access to certified fiscalization solutions across Europe, so you're always covered. Because when we grow, so do you.

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Your data is stored securely and always up to date with the current regulations.

Download the Whitepaper: TBAI, VeriFactu, SII & E-Invoicing in 2024

Ready to keep up with the changing Spanish fiscal rules? Whether you're a POS provider or an entrepreneur, get ahead of the competition and stay up to date with this comprehensive guide to

  • fiscal regulations in Spain, from the Basque Country to the national level
  • timelines and requirements for TicketBAI, Veri*factu, and SII-System
  • e-invoicing and invoices in Spain

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FAQ's about VeriFactu.

VeriFactu is the name used to refer to softwares that comply with the anti-fraud law and the project of legislation published in February 2022. This law awaits approval, but establishes the requirements for invoicing systems that will have to communicate in real time with the Spanish Tax Authority. 

It is expected that Veri*factu softwares will have to be in place by July 2024. 

Technical specifications have not yet been published, but according to the draft legislation, invoices will have to include:

  • A QR code 
  • The phrase “Veri*factu” or the entire phrase in Spanish it sums up “Factura verificable en la sede automática de la AEAT”, which translates to: invoice verifiable in the AEAT - National Tax Agency -. This will only be included when all registries are automatically sent to the tax agency.

So far, sending the registries to the tax authority will be voluntary, but the software must have the functionality to do so upon request, for example, during an audit.

It is expected that VeriFactu compliance will be mandatory for companies and the self-employed across the entire Spanish territory but is likely to be compatible and coexist with the specific TicketBAI regulations in the Basque Country. 

Furthermore,  it seems that VeriFactu will not replace the SII system (Immediate Information Supply), but will involve those taxpayers who weren’t required to comply with the SII so far.

Governments are interested in correct POS system records, so they do not lose tax revenue. This is called fiscalization.

In Spain, the Anti-Fraud Law (Law 11/2021, of July 9) indicates the requirements that software must comply with in order to enable fiscalization.

In February 2022, a new legislation draft (only available in Spanish) was published, which currently awaits formal approval. It is a legislation that establishes the requirements for invoicing systems, referred to as “Veri*factu Systems”. Softwares that comply with the requirements stated by this mandate will be known as VeriFactu Softwares, and the mandatory period for their implementation is expected to start as of mid 2024. 

Fiscalization aims to record all transactions of a POS without any gaps, to protect all data against tampering, and to archive them. This means that tax offices receive complete statements of sales tax.

Compliance with the legislation will depend on where the taxpayer’s fiscal address is registered. If the taxpayer’s address is located in the Basque Country, then compliance with TicketBAI is mandatory. If the taxpayer’s address is somewhere else in Spain, it’s expected that Veri*factu will have to be complied with.

e-invoice in Spain

Be one step ahead – Comply with the new "Ley crea y crece" regulation in Spain and adapt your software to electronic invoicing with SIGN ES.

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