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Integrate our TicketBAI API into your software.

Ensure full compliance with TicketBAI in the Basque Country with SIGN ES. Our TicketBAI API is flexible and can be seamlessly integrated with your management or invoicing software, such as ERP, PMS, and more.


Are you a software vendor?

Easily adapt any management software (ERP, POS, PMS...) to comply 100% with TBAI. Stay updated with the legislation and implement changes seamlessly.

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Need to adapt your own software?

If you have developed your own business software and want to adapt it to TBAI, our solution caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring seamless integration.

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Why do you need a TicketBAI API?

Check out TicketBAI FAQs

TicketBAI (TBAI) is the tax regulation applicable in the Basque Country, obligatory for companies of all sectors and sizes with tax headquarters in Bizkaia, Araba, and Gipuzkoa.

Certified by Tax Authorities
Fully compliant with TicketBAI
100% cloud-based scalable solution
Integrated digital certificate
over6 billiontransactions
more than600kPOS operated
over97%Satisfaction rate

Comply with the Anti-Fraud Law and the Crea y Crece Law too

Ensure 100% compliance with TicketBAI, as well as with Veri*factu and the mandatory B2B e-invoice at the national level with just a single integration. Would you like to delve into the details of those regulations?

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No commitment or upfront integration expenses

Leveraging our industry leadership, we provide the most competitive prices in the market. Seamlessly adapt your software using our TicketBAI API.

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SIGN ES features.

Check out TBAI FAQs
One integration, multiple legislations

By integrating a single API, you will automatically comply with TicketBAI, the Anti-Fraud Law (VeriFactu) and Crea y Crece Law (B2B e-invoice).

Avoid errors and rejected files

We have developed a validation process to avoid file rejection. Convenient and error-free.

Digital signature and submission

Sign, chain and send the XML files to the Basque Tax Authorities in real-time. 100% confidential.

1-click data export

Filter and export your invoices with just one click, accessible through both the API and our SIGN dashboard.

TicketBAI QR generation

Automatically generates the required codes on each invoice in accordance with the regulations.

Offline incident management

If your system experiences a temporary loss of connection or faces connectivity issues, don’t worry! We've got you covered.

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TicketBAI, Verifactu, SII & E-Invoicing in 2024.

Get ahead of the competition with our comprehensive guide to:

  • all levels of fiscal regulations in Spain
  • timelines and requirements for TicketBAI, Veri*factu, and SII-System
  • Mandatory B2B e-invoice

TicketBAI FAQs.

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Latest news about TicketBAI.

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How much do you know about the fiscalization landscape in Spain? In this article you'll learn about the different tax regulations, who is affected by them and when they will come into force. Explore all the details about TicketBAI, the new Antifraud law with VeriFactu, SII and the Crea y Crece law and its mandatory B2B e-invoice here!
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Biscay's tax authorities have decided to extend the implementation period of TicketBAI in the province, offering greater flexibility to companies regarding Batuz. Discover the new progressive implementation timeline, from 2024 to 2026.
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Differences and similarities of TicketBAI in the Basque Country

In the Basque Country in Spain, a compliance law - called TicketBAI - was passed to prevent tax fraud. Each Basque Province - Gipuzkoa, Araba, and Bizkaia - has established specific software requirements for TicketBAI. In this article, we list the similarities and differences between the provinces.