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TicketBAI made simple.

Integrate TBAI via API for Spain. Our fiscalization software SIGN ES is 100% legally compliant and generates digital signatures for transactions in your POS system.

TicketBAI compliant100% cloud-based

TicketBAI with SIGN ES.

for POS vendors

Efficient TBAI software solution for cash register providers and manufacturers. Integrate legally compliant TBAI fiscalization into your system.

for Retailers

Retailers with their own POS systems get customized TBAI fiscalization solutions. The integration is quick to implement for both small and large companies.

In 3 steps to TBAI integration.

Step 1

Try our TicketBAI API - SIGN ES - for free. With our Quick-Start option, get started quickly and easily.

Step 2

Integrate our TBAI API into your own POS system.

Step 3

Go live and automatically roll out the system to all your customers or POS devices.

We speak technology

Developers find all information about our products, including API documentation, guides, and quick starts on our developer website.

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Product Features.

TBAI QR and ID Code Generation

SIGN ES generates compliant codes to be printed on each invoice.

Avoid errors and rejected files

We have developed a validation process to avoid file rejection. Convenient and error-free.


Automated sending of invoices to the respective tax authorities.

Chaining compliance

Associates each invoice to the previous one, to comply with the legislation.

Export data

Export functionality to extract invoices and their sending status.

Digital Signature

Sign and send the XML Files to the Tax Authority with our digital device certificate.

Download the Whitepaper: TicketBAI, VeriFactu, SII & e-Invoicing in 2024

Ready to keep up with the changing Spanish fiscal rules? Whether you're a POS provider or an entrepreneur, get ahead of the competition and stay up to date with this comprehensive guide to

  • fiscal regulations in Spain, from the Basque Country to the national level
  • timelines and requirements for TicketBAI, Veri*factu, and SII-System
  • electronic invoicing and invoices in Spain

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FAQs about TicketBAI.

TicketBAI or TBAI is a software-based fiscalization system that is being implemented in the Basque Country between 2021 and 2026 and enforces fiscalization requirements. TBAI thus enables tax offices to control income from economic activities, especially those with end customers. The system is designed to prevent manipulation of tax-related information and prevent fraud.

TicketBAI is a joint project of the Basque Government and the regional tax administrations of the three Basque provinces: Gipuzkoa, Araba, and Bizkaia.

In Bizkaia, TicketBAI is part of the larger control strategy BATUZ. This includes the declaration of a registration book with economic transactions (LROE), which allows the tax administration to prepare VAT drafts.

TicketBAI applies to all natural and legal persons and entities that carry out an economic activity that falls within the jurisdiction of the Basque Tax Administration in personal tax income or society income, as established in the Economic Agreement with the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Law 12/2012, of May 23) — simplified, a tax address in the Basque Country.

The corresponding legislation specifies which taxpayers will be exempted from this obligation.

The deadlines for implementing TicketBAI vary by region.

Gipuzkoa: From 01.01.2021: Start of voluntary period. From 01.07.2022: Start of mandatory period. Gradual addition of economic segments until 01.06.2023.

Álava: From 01.01.2022: Start of voluntary period. From 01.04.2022: Start of mandatory period. Gradual addition of economic segments until 01.12.2022.

Bizkaia: From 01.10.2021: Start of voluntary period. From 01.01.2024: the mandatory period of BATUZ (including TicketBAI) has been extended from 01.01.2024 to 01.01.2026, gradually for different types of companies and with adaptation periods of six months at a time.

Deadlines for TicketBAI in the Basque Country

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e-Invoice in Spain

Be one step ahead – Comply with the new "Ley crea y crece" regulation in Spain and adapt your software to electronic invoicing with SIGN ES.

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