Research at fiskaly.

Besides pioneering cloud-based fiscal solutions, we value active contribution to academic research and technical quality standards.

Research collaborations

In research, led by our VP of Engineering, we are proud to participate in ongoing partnerships with various institutions and organizations.



Technical University of Vienna



Informal Systems


We encourage active participation and contribution to research activities among our fiskaly team members. Read our latest publications:


The Vienna Architecture Description Language, Simon Himmelbauer, Christoph Hochrainer, Benedikt Huber, Niklas Mischkulnig, Philipp Paulweber, Tobias Schwarzinger, Andreas Krall, 2024.

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Developer's Cognitive Effort Maintaining Monoliths vs. Microservices - An Eye-Tracking Study, Georg Simhandl, Philipp Paulweber, Uwe Zdun, 2023.

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Tutorial on the Executable ASM Specification of the AB Protocol and Comparison with TLA+, Paolo Dini, Manuel Bravo, Philipp Paulweber, Alexander Raschke, and Gabriela Moreira, 2023.

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Stateful Depletion and Scheduling of Containers on Cloud Nodes for Efficient Resource Usage, Amirali Amiri, Uwe Zdun, Konstantinos Plakidas, 2022.

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OMG Membership

As part of the Object Management Group (OMG) retail domain task force, we are participating in the development of standards for OMG's Digital Receipt API, UnifiedPOS v2 Model and Fiscal API.

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