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More than just a digitized paper receipt

More than just a digitized paper receipt.

Enable a seamless transition from paper to electronic receipts. Take your POS to the next level.

Features of the digital receipt by fiskaly.

Fast integration via API

Connect the digital receipt by fiskaly via our receipt API. Easy and fast integration via a modern interface. Seamless linking with all fiskaly products.

Made for POS vendors

Modern POS systems offer a variety of efficient and reliable features for retailers. But receipt issuance to consumers? Still an old-fashioned slip of paper - it's about time to change that.

Delivery via QR code

Fast and modern output of the receipt directly at the POS via QR code. No extra effort. Become a pioneer in the industry and grow with us.


Carbon-neutral receipts are coming from the cloud. As a result, wastepaper is reduced and contact with pollutants is limited.

Creates added value

For all stakeholders from merchant to consumer. Create added value and new opportunities for your merchants to improve their business processes and optimize their marketing efforts.

Highly customizable

Use a wide range of customazible features to bring the best experience to your customers.

The fastest way to an electronic receipt.

Step 1: Integration

Integrate the fiskaly receipt API with a one-click roll-out in less than one day. fiskaly takes care of the rest – no need for developer resources to implement new features, and negotiating with 3rd parties.

Learn more about how to get started in the quick start guide.

Step 2: Issuing

A QR code is issued directly at the POS and the receipt is transferred to the consumer device via scan – no extra data exchange, no extra effort, easy archiving as PDF possible.

Step 3: Ongoing benefits

Benefit from 100% compliance, continuous feature delivery, and an ongoing partnership.

The fastest way to an electronic receipt

Our digital receipt is integrated into Google Wallet™

digital receipt by fiskaly is integrated into Google Wallet

FAQ about the digital receipt.

If you are interested in issuing digital receipts, contact your POS provider directly and find out if the fiskaly solution is already installed.

If you have built your own POS software, you can integrate our API for digital receipts by fiskaly directly. Get in touch with us.

QR codes can be issued either dynamically via an electronic display or statically at the POS. Read our blog post to see a detailed comparison of dynamic and static QR codes.

Customizable. Modern. Reliable.

Customizable. Modern. Reliable.

It's time to say goodbye to the paper receipt. Digitize now with digital receipt by fiskaly. Try it out now!

Create your own electronic receipt

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