Mobile phones with electronic receipts by fiskaly on them, which have global compliance with one single API

Global compliance with one single API.

Effortlessly transition from paper to electronic receipts and take your POS system to the next level.

ISO 27001 certified100% cloud-based

Sustainable and secure alternative

Transition to fiskaly's digital receipts for an eco-friendly alternative that doesn't compromise on security. Reduce paper use and protect customer data with a solution that supports your sustainability goals.

Cell phone with a digital receipt by fiskaly on it, with texts Stored to cloud, data encrypted and eco-friendly

Flexible for various delivery methods

fiskaly adapts to your delivery preferences. From QR codes to digital wallets, offer your customers the convenience of receiving receipts in the method that suits them best.

Mobile phone with a digital receipt from fiskaly on it, with texts Dynamic QR Code, Static Link, Wallet Apps and Cards Linking

Curious to see? Scan!

Give it a try! Scan the QR code to explore some of our digital receipt features and how they can benefit your customers!

QR code which leads to a test digital receipt by fiskaly

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Why e-receipt by fiskaly.

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Fast integration

Save time and effort with our modern interface that seamlessly connects to all fiskaly products. fiskaly eReceipt API is easily integrated and fully documented.

Effortless expansion

Our high-performance API-first approach helps you to explore new countries. With one API, you can cover all countries that accept e-receipts and ensure secure and persistent data storage.

We take care of the details

100% legal and GDPR compliance, continuous feature updates, partnership management, and integrations with third-party services – integrate once and we take care of the rest.

Delivery via QR code

Enable effortless delivery to the consumer via QR code or direct transmittal right at the POS. No personal data disclosure is needed for the QR output.

Unlimited customization

Custom receipt sections allow to cover huge variety of use cases for different industries - from basic paper receipt replacement to loyalty programs, guarantees and much more.

Access analytics

Keep track of the number of issued receipts, transaction types, recent receipt details, and popular items.

more than1.000.000Live receipts
certifiedISO 27001Compliant

Watch the webinar recording.

  • Access the webinar “One step ahead: Leading the Integration of Digital Receipts in Your POS System”
  • Learn everything about implementing digital receipts and how to benefit from this integration.
  • Get insights into real advantages and customization possibilities for digital receipts in our dashboard

Customization at your fingertips

With our intuitive dashboard, your merchants have all the tools they need to customize their receipts and utilize them as an additional marketing channel.

An open laptop with a digital receipt by fiskaly dashboard on it, with analytical graphs and dashboard data overview

Custom receipt sections

Add and style custom text, include logos, product photos or other visuals. Provide additional information via QR codes, and utilize barcodes for inventory tracking, returns, or loyalty programs.

Mobile phone with a e-receipt by fiskaly on it with texts: image section, custom QR code and text selection

One platform to manage it all

Enjoy a single intuitive interface to integrate a custom logo, set a default language, customize receipt labels, generate static links for easy receipt delivery, and much more.

An open laptop with a electronic receipt by fiskaly dashboard on it with texts: Custom labels and Styling controls

Pricing that fits your business needs.

Flexible and scalable options designed to support your success. Regain control of your costs while enjoying the efficiency and innovation of electronic receipts.

Two cell-phones with e-receipts by fiskaly on them which have flexible and scalable pricing possibilities
Computer monitors with fiskaly developer page and API documentation on them

We speak technology.

Developers find all information about our products, including API documentation, guides, and quick starts, on our developer website.

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Digital receipt automation and the power of consumer centricity

The digital receipt has already existed in the market for a few years now. It’s widely discussed, the benefits are plenty and often obvious. Despite cost-saving, the environmental aspect, and other advantages of using digital receipts, the e-receipt is still not the standard. What’s missing? Find out about trends, seamless delivery, and solving real needs in this article.
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Digital receipts by fiskaly integrated into Apple Wallet

Following the successful integration of our digital receipts into Google Wallet™, we have extended our solution to be compatible with Apple Wallet. This offers even greater customer convenience to Apple and Android users by simplifying storing and keeping track of electronic receipts in both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet™.

Say goodbye to paper today.

  • Transition effortlessly to digital receipts with our team, ensuring a smooth switch for your business.
  • Join leading POS vendors who trust our solutions and embrace the efficiency and convenience of digital receipts.