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hokona + fiskaly - Cloud TSS for SAP Customer Checkout.

Milan Markovic,  Content Creator
Milan Markovic
Content Creator
4 min read

hokona GmbH and fiskaly GmbH have entered into a partnership that holds a lot of potential and has fruitful prospects for the future. The first success was already recorded after a short time: The development of a cloud fiscalization system for SAP Customer Checkout by hokona - the TSE4CLOUD. Find out what SAP Customer Checkout actually is, how fiskaly's cloud solution works and why these two are a perfect match in this blog.

hokona's SAP Customer Checkout

SAP Customer Checkout is a 100% SAP product based on an API (Application Programming Interface). This product from hokona represents a device-independent checkout system. This means that it can be fully functionally integrated on both terminals and tablets. The big advantage for any customer is that they can develop plugins in the backend through the open API, allowing them to customize the SAP Customer Checkout interface at any time. In addition, hokona offers quick-start support for integration, rollout, training and customizing of the product. hokona's development team works cyclically in the background to develop new products and features, creating further benefits for customers. The extensive product portfolio and strong support from hokona provide an excellent overview and transparency of the product and complete SAP Customer Checkout.

fiskaly's Cloud TSS - on cloud 7

The fiskaly SIGN products form the only, true cloud TSS solutions for the fiscalization of transactions of a POS system on the market. Certified in Germany until 2029 and 100% compliant with the law. The big advantage of this solution is that merchants can purchase the TSSs via a monthly rental model - without any hardware at all. Another major advantage over a hardware solution is the reduced effort for the customer, as updates and certificate term extensions of the cloud TSSs run in the background and the customer is unaware of them. In the case of hardware TSSs, the hardware components have to be replaced after certain periods (3, 5 or a maximum of 7 years) or in the case of updates, which involves a great deal of effort and expense for the customer. In addition, the support of the cloud application is not the responsibility of the customer's own IT department but of the provider of such a cloud solution, in this case fiskaly, which further reduces the customer's effort. Details for technicians The Electronic Recording System (ERS) communicates with the TSS via the embedding interface (Secure Element API, SE-API) specified in BSI TR-03151 and BSI TR-03151-AMT using a TLS connection. The SE-API is integrated into the SMAERS. The embedding interface is accessed via a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) based API. An RPC request is sent to an http endpoint of the embedding interface, which responds with an RPC response. The binding interface acts as a server here. The data of a request and a response are sent as protocol buffers. The argument of a network failure is not a problem in the case of a cloud TSS. The legislator explicitly allows the electronic input system (cash register) to continue operating even if the technical security equipment is disrupted by a network failure. The checkout process continues and the receipt must contain the information about the TSS failure. Detailed information can be found here πŸ‘‰ fiskaly's cloud solution

Interaction of the solutions - TSE4CLOUD

The new concept 'TSE4CLOUD' developed by hokona and fiskaly combines hokona's SAP Customer Checkout POS system with the fiskaly SIGN DE product. In this way, the two IT expert companies create an all-round package for checkouts with fast integration, strong support, a know-how base and optimal legal compliance. Simplified, the process of the concept runs as follows:

  1. The transaction data created on the SAP Customer Checkout is communicated in encrypted form to fiskaly's cloud TSS.
  2. In the second step, the security device signs the individual products and the receipt.
  3. In the final step, the TSS sends the signed transaction back to the POS system.

The customer doesn't notice anything, gets the signed receipt in the shortest time and could enjoy the benefits and design of SAP Customer Checkout. TSE4CLOUD is always up to date, is rented monthly and the contract runs as long as the retailer needs it. The requirements of the cash register security regulation (KassenSichV) are fulfilled by TSE4CLOUD. You can also find a visual description in the new video from hokona on their website πŸ‘‰ TSE4CLOUD in a nutshell