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New integration: Mastercard and fiskaly introduce digital payment slip.

Hannah Roegele,  Product Marketing Manager
Hannah Roegele
Product Marketing Manager
4 min read

In today's rapidly evolving commercial landscape, the implementation of efficient and secure payment solutions is essential for merchants and POS providers. fiskaly's latest development integrates with Mastercard, further simplifying the digital shopping experience. This partnership represents a significant advancement in the integration of digital receipts into POS systems, streamlining payment processing and creating substantial benefits for business operators and POS providers.

How does the integration of Mastercard with fiskaly's digital receipt work?

The process is straightforward and seamless:

  1. POS System Integration: Cash register manufacturers start by integrating fiskaly's digital receipt solution into their POS systems. This integration allows for the automatic recording and allocation of both payment and cash register receipts, significantly enhancing efficiency at the checkout.
  2. Mastercard Registration: To use the feature, customers must register their Mastercard in their fiskaly app. This ensures a seamless connection between payment processing and digital receipt issuance.
  3. Shopping Experience: Customers make purchases in stores that issue digital receipts from fiskaly. The entire process is designed to be smooth and transparent for the end customer. Customers who are not signed up with fiskaly can click on "add to wallet" in the digital receipt, which will direct them to the login page where they can easily sign up.
  4. Automatic Receipt Issuance: After payment, customers automatically receive the digital payment receipt in their app. This provides immediate transaction confirmation and increases transparency for the customers.

Benefits for your customers

  • Efficiency Improvement: Automatic receipt generation reduces administrative effort and speeds up the checkout process.
  • Improved Customer Retention: A fast and seamless payment process enhances the customer experience and can contribute to customer retention.
  • Environmental Protection: Reduced paper consumption means active environmental protection and cost savings.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced paper consumption leads to lower printing and maintenance costs.
  • Legal Security and Transparency: Digital receipts are secure and easy to archive, making them ideal for tax or legal purposes.

What is the difference between a payment receipt and a cash register receipt?

The main difference between a payment receipt and a cash register receipt lies in the content and purposes of use.

The payment receipt focuses on the details of the transaction and is primarily intended for financial tracking and personal financial management.

In contrast, the cash register receipt provides a detailed list of all purchased products, including prices and possible discounts, as well as relevant tax information, which is essential for warranty claims and accounting purposes. For merchants, both types of receipts are important to meet the different requirements in accounting and customer management effectively.

Strategic partnership for digital payment receipts

The partnership between fiskaly and Mastercard marks a significant advance in digital payment and receipt processing, representing more than just technological innovation. It is a strategic decision that allows merchants and POS providers to enhance their competitive position. This cooperation optimizes the shopping experience through accelerated and secure checkout processing and increases operational efficiency by integrating payment systems and digital receipt issuance. It also supports eco-friendly business practices by reducing paper consumption. By deploying advanced technologies, this collaboration facilitates the optimization of daily business processes. It also helps simplify the shopping experience for end consumers and promotes sustainable practices in commerce.

Discover the benefits of digital receipts.

Are you curious about how digital receipts can enhance your business operations? Explore the transformative impact of digital receipts with fiskaly. Learn how they can streamline your transaction processes, reduce waste, and improve customer satisfaction.

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