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Digital receipts by fiskaly integrated into Google Wallet™.

Victoria Waba,  Content Marketing Manager
Victoria Waba
Content Marketing Manager
4 min read

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With our digital receipt solution, we at fiskaly focus strongly on added value and additional services such as comprehensive partnerships. We have now achieved our first major success with Google, namely the option to store e-receipts in Google Wallet™.

We are very proud to be integrated into Google Wallet™ as one of the first providers of digital receipts. This is not only an important milestone in the further development of our own product, but also a great sign for the entire industry,

says Johannes Ferner, CEO of fiskaly.

While some larger retailers are already increasingly focusing on the introduction of the sustainable, paperless alternative, the actual use is now also reaching end consumers. In order to further promote the acceptance and use of the e-receipt among consumers, this step is groundbreaking for us.

In practice, this new type of integration means that all retailers, who have integrated the fiskaly solution into their POS systems, are now able to offer their customers the added value of Google Wallet™ at no extra cost.

The implementation is very simple: 

  1. To receive a digital receipt, all you have to do is scan the QR code issued at the checkout with your smartphone after the payment process. 
  2. The e-receipt is transferred to the device immediately and without any disclosure of personal data. 
  3. All Android users now enjoy the additional advantage of saving the receipt directly in Google Wallet™.

Currently, the solution for digital receipts by fiskaly is available via API for all POS software vendors. A solution via an accessible dashboard for SME merchants will be rolled out in spring 2023.

Curious? Get to know the first steps of integrating the digital receipt by fiskaly into your system.

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Digital receipts by fiskaly integrated into Apple Wallet

Following the successful integration of our digital receipts into Google Wallet™, we have extended our solution to be compatible with Apple Wallet. This offers even greater customer convenience to Apple and Android users by simplifying storing and keeping track of electronic receipts in both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet™.