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Work at fiskaly: Our employee benefits.

Victoria Waba,  Content Marketing Manager
Victoria Waba
Content Marketing Manager
5 min read

Welcome to fiskaly! We value the professional growth of our team members and care about their well-being. At fiskaly, we know that happy and fulfilled employees are the foundation of our success. With a team of more than 80 people working in our offices in Vienna, Berlin, and remotely, one of our main principles is to provide a supportive and collaborative work culture.

Are you curious about the benefits the fiskaly team appreciates? From flexible work hours to professional development opportunities and so much more, our benefits are all about supporting your career growth and helping you achieve that perfect work-life balance.

🕓 Flexitime

Work hours that fit your needs. We understand that life can be unpredictable and doesn't always stick to a 9 to 5 schedule. That's why we offer flexitime, allowing you to customize your work hours to suit your personal commitments. Whether you need to attend to family matters, want to pursue personal interests, or simply achieve a better work-life blend, flexitime provides the flexibility you need to thrive.

🏠 Fair-use home office arrangement

Home (or) office. Our fair-use work from home arrangement is here to support you. We trust you to create an efficient and comfortable workspace at home, providing you with the flexibility you need to excel professionally while maintaining a healthy work-life integration.

🍪 Coffee, cookies, ice cream, and more

Keep your energy levels high. With a range of soft drinks, freshly brewed coffee, and a diverse selection of teas readily available throughout the day, your go-to energy booster is always within reach! Looking for healthy snacks like fruits and veggies, or craving a sweet treat like cookies and ice cream? We've got all your cravings covered!

🥐 Monthly breakfast

Let’s get talking. Once a month, we have this pretty cool tradition where we all get together at the office for breakfast. It's not just about enjoying delicious food (although that's a bonus), it's also about sharing stories, exchanging ideas, and getting to know the people you work with in a relaxed setting.

💻 Modern equipment

Your health and comfort are important to us. That's why we provide modern office essentials such as height-adjustable tables, ergonomic chairs, and ergonomic mouse and keyboard options. With our on-site exercise equipment, you can also take a quick break to recharge with a little workout or treat yourself to a relaxing session after work. We've got your well-being covered.

📚 Professional development budget

We're all about investing in your growth. That's why we've got a generous professional development budget just for you! Take courses, attend seminars, join workshops. We want you to level up your skills, gain new knowledge, and stay ahead in your field. Your success is our success!

💚 Mental Wellbeing

Supporting a healthy mind and body. At fiskaly, we believe in creating a nurturing environment where mental wellbeing is openly discussed and valued. We recognize that each person's journey is unique, and we embrace the diverse realities of our colleagues. By providing a dedicated mental health platform, we empower our team members to prioritize their mental health and seek the support they need. Because at fiskaly, we truly believe that #PeopleComeFirst.

🎯 Team building events

Building strong bonds and teamwork. We firmly believe in the power of team-building activities to strengthen professional relationships and build a successful team. Join us for exciting events that encourage and improve teamwork, and also create lasting memories.

👕 fiskaly swag

Celebrating team spirit. Join the fiskaly team and gear up in our exclusive fiskaly swag collection. From stylish apparel and cozy socks to sleek water bottles, our collection is all about celebrating the team spirit and success we share.

🚉 Wiener Linien Jahreskarte, BVG-Ticket

Simplify your daily commute. We offer public transport tickets to ensure a stress-free journey to the office. Utilize your Wiener Linien Jahreskarte or BVG-Ticket to make your commute as easy and efficient as possible.

🍽️ Team lunches

Building strong bonds within your team. Come relax, connect, and enjoy delicious food while having meaningful chats at our team lunches. Our lunches aren't just about great food, they're about strengthening the bonds within your team, acquiring random knowledge, and creating a friendly work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

🎉 Annual Company Event

Celebrating collective accomplishments. Our yearly company event is a time for reflection, celebration, and an outlook for future plans. We enjoy our collective successes, acknowledging the hard work and dedication.

🎄 Christmas Party

'Tis the season to be jolly! Our yearly Christmas party is a joyous celebration filled with laughter, cheer, and plenty of holiday spirit. It's the perfect occasion to mark the end of the year, celebrate our achievements, and spread joy among our team.

And the best thing? fiskaly is growing!

Want to join us? 🚀

We are currently looking for motivated talents to join our team. Our People & Culture team would love to hear from you!

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