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How our work culture makes fiskaly a Great Place To Work.

Victoria Waba,  Content Marketing Manager
Victoria Waba
Content Marketing Manager
5 min read

Behind our mission of simplifying compliance in the complex world of fiscalization is a team of more than 80 people and 25 nationalities who are the driving force behind fiskaly’s success. They are working from our modern offices in Vienna and Berlin or remotely.

Our thriving fiskulture with English as a working language is based on a number of core values that we share, making every day at work fun and allowing each team member to bring their unique talents to the table. Being a certified Great Place to Work® with a 91% approval rate from our team members confirms that we are on the right path.

🤝 Actively collaborating and supporting each other

Our culture thrives on collaboration and support, encouraging teamwork across departments and valuing diverse perspectives and ideas. We prioritize respect and helpfulness, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

💡 Embracing growth and learning together

Here at fiskaly, we're all about growing and learning, individually and as a company. Embracing an entrepreneurial spirit that includes not only personal and professional development but also market expansion and focusing on the needs of our customers. We love thinking outside the box and taking smart risks – it's how we discover exciting possibilities and push boundaries to reach new levels of success.

⚖️ Prioritizing work-life balance

We put the well-being of our team members first and understand the importance of balancing work and life to show up at work as your best self. This includes flexibility, respect for your personal time, and a workplace that's all about taking it easy when needed. We work hard, but also take time for a break to chat and recharge.

✍ Building trust through effective delegation

We trust in each other's skills to be great at our jobs. Everyone's unique talents are the key to fiskaly’s success, and we value delegating clear communication and trust in our daily work. We encourage leaders to delegate tasks and responsibilities while providing the necessary support, so you can shine doing what you're great at.

🎯 Aligning in a shared vision

At fiskaly, we're all about clarity in our vision and strategy for the future. It's super important for us to stay updated about our current state, long-term objectives, and future plans. This way, we align our efforts, making meaningful progress towards our shared goals. Let's get there together!

💬 Ensuring transparency in communication

We believe in open and honest communication with everyone on the team. Not every little thing needs to be on every team member’s plate, but we keep everyone in the loop on what matters – like our shared company goals, updates, and outcomes. Open and transparent communication builds trust and empowers everyone to contribute effectively. 

🎉 Celebrating successes and learning from failures

We love celebrating all our wins, big or small, and acknowledge our team's hard work. Mistakes can be chances to grow and get even better at what we do. We're all about sharing what we learn and using feedback to continuously improve.

📂 Owning responsibilities within a flat hierarchy

We make sure everyone knows their role and what they're in charge of – it's key for great teamwork and getting things done productively. With clear responsibilities and a flat hierarchy, you'll always know your tasks and who to ask for help if you need it. This way, we can work more efficiently and effectively towards our common objectives.

💻 Committing to continuous evaluation and improvement

Our goal is to regularly evaluate how we are doing and get even better at it, from our day-to-day processes to the way we work together. Our colleague’s feedback is essential in refining our approach, addressing concerns, and actively working towards a work culture that supports every team member in doing their best work.

Curious for more?

Check out our complete fiskulture handbook, including pictures from office life and events.

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Sounds like something you want to be a part of?

fiskaly is growing and we are currently looking for motivated talents to join our team. Check out our open positions and English-speaking jobs – Our People & Culture team would love to hear from you! 🚀

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