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Yay! We are a Great Place to Work®!

Gerlinde Kaineder,  People & Culture Lead
Gerlinde Kaineder
People & Culture Lead
2 min read

We had a feeling... but now it's official: fiskaly is a Great Place To Work®. So finally, after our decision in 2021 to take additional measures and improve existing structures to offer our colleagues a great work experience, we were ready to launch the Great Place To Work Survey at the end of last year. 

With a response rate of over 90%, the engagement of our employees and the results exceeded our expectations. The positive feedback we received makes us proud and grateful. At the same time, we now know where to improve and what other requirements we should attend to.

But one thing is clear to us. What makes fiskaly a Great Place To Work are the people. Each of us uniquely contributes to our corporate culture, where appreciation, respect, and cooperation are at the forefront.

We are happy to share some of the best results, where we achieved an incredible 100% approval from all participants: 

  • Employees are treated fairly regardless of nationality or ethnicity.
  • Managers trust employees to do a good job without constantly checking up on them
  • Mental and emotional health is guaranteed in this workplace
  • Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.

For more details, see our profile.

three fiskaly team members in front of a whiteboard at an interactive workshop
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How our work culture makes fiskaly a Great Place To Work

A team of more than 80 employees from 25 different countries is the driving force behind fiskaly's success. They stand for the mission to simplify regulatory compliance in the complex world of fiscalization and digital receipts. Learn all about our work culture and what makes our team great because #PeopleComeFirst
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The Cultural Fit - Bringing cultures together

To tie in with the blog on how easy fiskaly's application process works we want to deliver you a more detailed insight on the second step of the process. Click here and dive right into reading about the charms of our Cultural Fit.
Colorful illustrations of abstract people with the headline “Our employees have spoken, we are a Great Place To Work” and the certification badge.
3 min read

fiskaly is a recertified Great Place To Work® 2024

Great news: we are certified as a Great Place To Work® for the second time, based on direct feedback from our team! Prioritizing innovation and our people, we are aiming to provide a human-centered and tech-driven workplace where everyone feels valued and supported. See what our team has to say about working at fiskaly and explore opportunities to become a part of our international journey.