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Implement RKSV easily with fiskaly SIGN AT.

Hannah Roegele,  Product Marketing Manager
Hannah Roegele
Product Marketing Manager
3 min read

Efficiently implementing the Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV) is a challenge for many businesses. However, with fiskaly SIGN AT, a solution is available that not only effortlessly meets legal requirements but also ensures smooth operation.

With over eight years of experience in fiscalization, fiskaly understands the needs and challenges associated with complying with RKSV. Thus, SIGN AT is designed to offer maximum flexibility, transparent costs, and the security of RKSV compliance, supported by automatic updates to always meet the latest legal requirements.

The Challenge of RKSV

RKSV requires businesses to securely record and sign each transaction in an electronic cash register. This ensures the integrity of transaction data and prevents tampering. This particularly affects new businesses that must be compliant from the start, existing businesses that now exceed the legal thresholds due to increased sales, and foreign companies entering the Austrian market. For these businesses, this means adjusting their current processes.

Benefits of fiskaly SIGN AT

The introduction of fiskaly SIGN AT brings significant advantages beyond mere legal compliance. One of the greatest benefits is the flexibility SIGN AT offers. Regardless of company size or industry, the solution can be customized and scaled as needed, ensuring continuous RKSV compliance without extra effort for your business.

Another crucial advantage is cost transparency. fiskaly SIGN AT uses a clear pricing structure with no hidden fees, so you can always maintain control over your finances. Automatic updates also ensure that your system always complies with current legal requirements, without the need for manual upgrades.

Features of SIGN AT

  • Data Collection Protocol 7 (DEP 7): Records all transactions fully and in compliance with RKSV requirements.
  • Automated FinanzOnline Reporting (FON): Simplifies the registration process with the tax office, saving valuable time.
  • Automatic Failure Reporting of the Signature Creation Unit (SEE): In the event of a system failure, an automatic report is generated to avoid compliance issues.
  • Automatic Monthly & Annual Reports to the Tax Office: Ensures all required receipts are submitted to the tax office on time and automatically.

For Developers

For developers, integrating fiskaly SIGN AT into their own cash register system is smooth and straightforward. Thanks to (comprehensive API documentation)[https://developer.fiskaly.com/api/rksv/v1], developers can quickly understand how SIGN AT works and how it can be integrated into existing systems. The need to deal with hardware components is eliminated. Instead, SIGN AT enables a quick and hassle-free setup, specifically designed for efficient implementation and maintenance.

Additionally, fiskaly offers the opportunity to test SIGN AT for free. This gives developers the chance to familiarize themselves with the platform and be convinced of the benefits and performance of the solution before making a decision.


Implementing RKSV requirements doesn't have to be a burden. With fiskaly SIGN AT, you get a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution specifically designed to simplify compliance while leveraging the benefits of digital technologies. Take the step towards worry-free RKSV compliance – fiskaly SIGN AT is your partner in this journey.

Stay ahead in business with fiskaly SIGN AT!

Implement RKSV requirements easily and affordably with our cloud-based solution. Ensure compliance with Austria's Cash Register Security Ordinance, enjoying scalability, top security, and cost efficiency, without extra hardware.

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