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Nissen & Velten: fiskaly's flexible fiscalization solution.

Hannah Roegele,  Product Marketing Manager
Hannah Roegele
Product Marketing Manager
5 min read

How fiskaly supports Nissen & Velten Software GmbH with SIGN DE and DSFinV-K in the fiscalization of their POS system.

Nissen & Velten had to fiscalize their POS system in the course of the KassenSichV. Since their customers are spread all over Germany, choosing a cloud-based system that was compatible with the POS architecture (client-server) and state-of-the-art when selecting the TSS provider was essential.

About Nissen & Velten Software GmbH

eNVenta offers smart ERP, CRM, logistics, e-commerce, and enterprise data management solutions. With its broad solution portfolio and open architecture, eNVenta supports users' digitization strategy and provides them with all the tools they need for flexible and fast communication channels and end-to-end process chains. A portfolio of preconfigured industry solutions for technical wholesale, SHK trade, steel trade, and electrical wholesale reduces individual adaptations to a minimum.

The challenge

Nissen & Velten wanted to implement the KassenSichV with a cloud-based TSS in compliance with the law and find a solution for the legally required DSFinV-K exports. Furthermore, with customers spread all over Germany, the topics of a cloud solution without hardware, rapid implementation, transparent communication, and compatibility with the POS system played a special role for Nissen & Velten in selecting the provider.

The challenge was to find a solution that could be used flexibly at our wholesalers. We have distributed locations and a heterogeneous IT landscape, partly with PC, ThinClient, terminal server, and data center operation. Therefore, we were looking for a solution that could be used in all scenarios. The integration of a cloud solution was the obvious choice.

Jörg Nissen, Managing Director Nissen & Velten

The requirements of Nissen & Velten

  • Implement legally compliant Cloud TSS incl. DSFinV-K exports without hardware
  • A carefree package for end customers: Fiscalize the POS with one click
  • Simple and fast implementation of KassenSichV
  • Rapid fiscalization of your customers' POS within Germany despite distributed locations

The solution

With fiskaly SIGN DE, Nissen & Velten was able to integrate Cloud TSS within a short period of time. Supplemented by fiskaly DSFinV-K, the legally required exports can be created with one click. Thus, the POS system is fiscalization compliant without any additional hardware.

The steps to fiscalization with fiskaly SIGN DE

  1. exchange with the fiskaly expert team regarding the individual requirements and possibilities
  2. free testing of the SIGN DE API and technical kick-off with the fiskaly experts, including individual onboarding
  3. implementation of fiskaly SIGN DE and fiskaly DSFINV-K
  4. go-live and automated rollout to all customers

The results

  • Fiscalization of the POS system with fiskaly SIGN DE could be implemented with less time than planned, within six working days
  • Centralized rollout and easy data management via fiskaly Management API across all locations within Germany - completely without hardware
  • Fiscalization carefree package for end customers with the one-click rollout
  • With detailed documentation and transparent communication, issues can be quickly resolved through self-service

With fiskaly's cloud solution, we could connect all workstations easily and quickly. Moreover, thanks to the central solution, Nissen & Velten only had to ensure one connection and could implement the solution at all wholesalers.

Jörg Nissen, Managing Director Nissen & Velten

Why fiskaly?

fiskaly is the #1 fiscalization solution for enterprises: As the market leader for Cloud TSS in Germany, we demonstrate experience and expertise to help you quickly and efficiently implement and successfully operate cloud-based fiscalization via API.

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