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The future of invoicing in Spain with e-invoice.

Isabel Nogales,  Country Manager Spain
Isabel Nogales
Country Manager Spain
2 min read

With the new "Ley crea y crece" regulation, B2B transactions are undergoing a shift towards e-invoicing, which allows for real-time transmission of information to reduce payment delays. Be ahead and streamline your business processes with our innovative solutions.

What is an electronic invoice?

Electronic invoicing (or e-invoice) is the new regulation promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain. As of 2025, it will be mandatory for transactions between companies and self-employed professionals. Therefore, invoicing systems must be adapted accordingly to enable the transmission of information to the administration immediately.

Adapt your software to electronic invoicing with SIGN ES.

POS vendors

Our e-invoicing API will easily connect to any ERP or management software so that you comply 100% with the new regulations. You will be compliant from day one with no extra development required.

For Retailers

If you have your own POS system and want to adapt it to the new mandatory e-invoicing regulation, we will offer you a customized solution for your business. The Integration is quick and easy, both for small and large companies.

FAQs about e-invoice.

Download the Whitepaper: TicketBAI, VeriFactu, SII & e-Invoicing in 2024.

Whether you're a POS provider or an entrepreneur, get ahead of the competition and stay up to date with this comprehensive guide to

  • fiscal regulations in Spain, from the Basque Country to the national level
  • timelines and requirements for TicketBAI, Veri*factu, and SII-System
  • electronic invoicing and invoices in Spain