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The future of invoicing in Spain with e-invoice.

With the new "Ley crea y crece" regulation, B2B transactions are undergoing a shift towards e-invoicing, which allows for real-time transmission of information to reduce payment delays. Be ahead and streamline your business processes with our innovative solutions.

What is an electronic invoice?

Electronic invoicing (or e-invoice) is the new regulation promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain. As of 2024, it will be mandatory for transactions between companies and self-employed professionals. Therefore, invoicing systems must be adapted accordingly to enable the transmission of information to the administration immediately.

Adapt your software to electronic invoicing with SIGN ES.

POS vendors:

Our e-invoicing API will easily connect to any ERP or management software so that you comply 100% with the new regulations. You will be compliant from day one with no extra development required.

For Retailers:

If you have your own POS system and want to adapt it to the new mandatory e-invoicing regulation, we will offer you a customized solution for your business. The Integration is quick and easy, both for small and large companies.

How to implement e-invoicing in your company?

If you have more questions about implementing e-invoicing in your company, feel free to contact our fiscalization experts for more information.

Contact our Sales Team

FAQs about e-invoice.

In September 2022, Spain approved the 18/2022 Law on the creation and growth of companies, better known in Spanish as the 'Ley Crea y crece', to facilitate the creation of companies and speed up their digitalization. One of the main points of this law is that, as of 2024, it will be mandatory for companies and professionals to issue electronic invoices.

Therefore, in order to issue a compliant electronic invoice, it will be necessary to use an electronic invoicing system that complies with the regulations. Taking this into account, invoicing software will have to:

  • be certified by the AEAT (National Tax Authorities)
  • comply with the technical requirements established by law

In principle, the law speaks of the mandatory implementation of B2B e-invoicing from 2024, although a public consultation was opened in March 2023 to address the requirements of the regulation and it is expected that they will be definitively made public in June 2023.

The expected implementation timelines for the moment are:

Spring 2024: mandatory e-invoicing for companies and self-employed professionals with a turnover of more than EUR 8 million.

Spring 2025: mandatory e-invoicing for all companies and self-employed professionals.

There is very little time left before you have to implement e-invoicing in your company, which is why we at fiskaly support you making the transition as easy and quickly as possible.

fiskaly is working on a solution for e-invoice so that you can benefit from:

  • Verifactu, TicketBAI and e-invoicing with just one integration: all in one API. This way you will comply with the new “Crea y crece” Law, you will anticipate complying the legal requirements of the Verifactu regulations that will also come into force in 2024, and you will comply with the TicketBAI regulations, already in force in the Basque Country.
  • 100% cloud-based: completely hardware-free. That is our claim to our products - now and in the future.
  • The security of your data is our priority and is guaranteed.
  • Free trial: Get to know our system and see SIGN ES for yourself before you sign a contract. Upgrade your software POS with minimum effort.

Fiscalization in Spain - What you need to know!

Are you keeping up with the latest Spanish fiscalization legislation? As a POS provider or entrepreneur, it's crucial to have a solid understanding of fiscalization in Spain. Our latest whitepaper offers a thorough analysis of both current and proposed regulations, from the Basque Country to the national level. Don't wait – download our whitepaper now and stay informed.


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