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fiskaly's inflation bonus for employees.

Here at fiskaly #peoplecomefirst. The way fiskaly's leadership deals with employees makes us feel secure and appreciated even in challenging times. CEO Johannes Ferner, COO Simon Tragatschnig and CTO Patrick Gaubatz, decided to financially support the employees.

Fighting inflation

CEO Johannes Ferner correctly stated, "The inflation rate continued to rise in July and is now at 9.3% - we are all clearly feeling these effects."

For this reason, the leadership team decided to compensate for the inflation for all employees through voluntary additional payments on top of the regular salary. A budget of 100,000 euros was set for this purpose, which will be used for fiskaly staff to tackle the immediate challenges until the end of the year.

Well-being = company success

Our leadership team agrees that the company’s success depends directly on our well-being. Our team appreciates this simple but effective measure.

Further support

It is unclear how the situation in Austria will develop in the coming months, but the trend does not indicate that inflation will decrease. This leaves the further course of action of the leadership open, but the development of the situation will continue to be monitored. CEO Johannes Ferner does not rule out further financial support.

My opinion as a fiskaly employee: Great measure, great employer!

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