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Boarding the rocket ship.

Max Stainer,  Key Account Manager
Max Stainer
Key Account Manager
2 min read

fiskaly is like family

fiskaly is like family to me; that much was obvious to me very quickly, after the first job interview, which was pleasant and relaxed. Fun and work have never been combined as beautifully as here! Especially in a startup, there are not always clear tracks to follow for every topic and every challenge, but that's what makes it so appealing to me. To find your own paths, to acquire knowledge yourself, to discuss things in a team, to move forward in a team. For me, team is an essential concept in my professional life, which I want to embrace in order to develop, and fiskaly provides the right conditions for this. After more than two years I can say that we as fiskaly have found and grown many talents, mastered a lot of challenges in an agile and skillful way, and a lot of laughter and discussions have made us a team. I am happy to be part of fiskaly and look forward to the future!