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10 advantages of fiscalization in the cloud.

Hannah Roegele,  Product Marketing Manager
Hannah Roegele
Product Marketing Manager
10 min read

Products for fiscalization can be operated in two possible ways: Via the Internet in a cloud or by additional hardware at the cash register. Modern POS systems often rely on cloud-based fiscalization products. Fiscalization in the cloud offers a number of advantages over hardware based ones.

1. Fast and Cost-Effective Integration

The integration of cloud-based fiscalization products - as products from the fiskaly SIGN family - into POS systems is fast and cost-effective, as the required data is largely exchanged automatically via interfaces. This means that new legal requirements or new functions can also be integrated easily and seamlessly. Likewise, switching to another POS provider is unproblematic, as the cloud-based software can be easily adapted.

2. Updates via Software Update

With fiskaly SIGN, updates are automatic and therefore cost-effective. The updates are installed on the software side. The users do not have any tedious extra work.

3. Flexibility and Fast Scaling

The use of fiskaly SIGN enables high flexibility in terms of the number of fiscal security units deployed. In addition, the number of connected cash registers and the number of transactions can be scaled quickly.

4. Independence from Hardware Components

fiskaly SIGN does not require local hardware installations in the form of an SD card, USB sticks or TPM module at the POS. This eliminates the need for on-site installations and the associated costs and time (for example, the deployment of a technician). This is important in the long run because hardware fiscalization products have a certificate lifetime, after which the hardware must be replaced. With no hardware components, there is no maintenance and nothing can get broken or lost.

5. Transparent Costs

fiskaly SIGN can be deployed cost-effectively, making them cheap for customers to buy and operate. There are never additional costs due to hardware failures. fiskaly SIGN doesn't have hidden costs, so it is transparent in its costs and cost-effective in the long run.

6. Highest Data Security

By law, the data from Germany must be stored in Germany. fiskaly meets all legal requirements for every country.

7. Security & Flexibility through Contactless Delivery

fiskaly SIGN. is cloud-based, so it can be delivered securely and contactlessly to taxpayers. This provides maximum flexibility in the delivery, as it can be made at any time — even in lockdown.

8. Easy Monitoring & Compatibility with Other Service Providers

fiskaly SIGN is compatible with all modern systems because it works with APIs. Archiving systems, accounting programs and other tools can be connected to your system in just a few steps without affecting the POS system. Central monitoring allows all TSS etc. and their activities to be tracked at a glance, even across multiple business locations.

9. Easy Data Management & Data Export

In the event of a cash register inspection, the data can be made available to the auditor quickly and easily by means of export. Via the dashboard, you always have your data available and can manage it with little effort.

10. Suitable for Mobile POS Devices like Tablet Cash Registers

With modern tablet cash registers, hardware fiscalization products are very complex or even impossible to implement. With fiskaly SIGN, you can still use your mobile devices like tablets and smartphones with ease.

What to Consider Before Deploying Hardware Fiscalization Products

Hardware fiscalization products create the signature and store the information on site. To ensure tamper protection, the hardware has a certificate life (5 to 7 years). After the certificate expires, the hardware must be replaced. Hardware products are high-maintenance, costly and time-consuming. They are also difficult to scale because hardware is required per each POS system or per network.

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