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speedy: How fiskaly's cloud solution replaced hardware TSS.

Hannah Roegele,  Product Marketing Manager
Hannah Roegele
Product Marketing Manager
5 min read

How fiskaly and SIGN DE support the end customers of the speedy POS system from mtMax with fiscalization and makes it easy.

Initially, speedy provided its customers with a hardware fiscalization solution. Due to a major customer's incompatibility with mobile POS devices, a suitable Cloud TSS had to be found. Flexibility for mobile POS devices and the ability to offer a seasonal billing model were particularly important in the selection process.

About speedy

speedy - the smart POS - is suitable for all industries and is compatible with all Android devices. Trouble-free on-site use and work-supporting cloud systems characterize the POS system. speedy can be used stationary or mobile, online or offline, as a single cash register, or in a network. Because all legal requirements are met, you can face a cash register audit with peace of mind. Over 8,000 speedy POS systems are already in use.

Originally, we had decided to implement the fiscalization of our POS system with hardware TSS. However, the hardware solution was not feasible for one of our large customers with mobile devices, so we needed to find a cloud-based TSS that could integrate with our system and be compatible with our customer's POS devices. That's why we chose fiskaly.

Dr. Thomas Wengenroth, speedy Managing Director

The Challenge

The requirements of a large speedy customer could not be met using the hardware TSS offered as standard with speedy. A large number of mobile POS devices for street vending stands had to be fiscalized in compliance with KassenSichV. When selecting the provider, flexibility for the location of use, hardware of the POS devices, and a seasonal billing model were essential criteria.

The requirements of speedy

  • Legally compliant, cloud-based TSS for mobile devices
  • Seasonal billing model
  • Fiscalization solution for Android, especially Android 11 & 12
  • Easy handling of the rollout

The solution

fiskaly SIGN DE could be integrated into speedy's system quickly and is also suitable for input devices with Android 11 & 12 that are not micro-SD card capable. Thus, SIGN DE covered the fiscalization requirements of all customers. speedy can offer its customers a seasonal billing model due to the individual billing with fiskaly. In addition, time and resources are saved in speedy support due to the simple one-click rollout. fiskaly SIGN DE is ideally suited for POS systems requiring a high-flexibility fiscalization solution.

We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the fiskaly Cloud TSS could be integrated into our system. Using fiskaly is very easy and can be well integrated into our licensing model. Meanwhile, we recommend that our customers implement fiscalization with fiskaly, as the solution is easy and convenient for our customers. In addition, we buy back hardware TSSs when customers want to switch to Cloud TSS.

Dr. Thomas Wengenroth, speedy Managing Director

The steps to fiscalization with fiskaly SIGN DE.

  1. Evaluation of the solution by researching the freely available API docu and guides
  2. Free testing of the SIGN DE API with fiskaly Dashboard and Postman Collection & Environment
  3. Implementation of the SIGN DE API in parallel with contract negotiation and signature
  4. Go-live and start of the automated rollout

The results

  • The customer base of speedy could be increased with fiskaly SIGN DE.
  • speedy reached the agreed annual target of POS equipped with SIGN DE within 2 months.
  • A simple one-click rollout saves time & resources in speedy support.
  • Recommendation to new customers to implement fiscalization with fiskaly SIGN DE.

Why fiskaly?

fiskaly is the #1 fiscalization solution for enterprises: As the market leader for Cloud TSS in Germany, we demonstrate experience and expertise to help you quickly and efficiently implement and successfully operate cloud-based fiscalization via API.

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