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Digital receipts - The future is today.

Milan Markovic,  Content Creator
Milan Markovic
Content Creator
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Digitization is essential to stay competitive in the market. One aspect that is becoming increasingly important is digital receipts. These create added value for companies and their customers, optimize business processes, and are environmentally friendly. But what exactly are digital receipts?

Today’s solution

At first glance, a digital receipt is basically the digital, legally compliant version of a sales slip. The structure and purpose are the same as the printed version. The difference is the output to the consumer: Transmission is possible via common media, such as scanning a QR code, NFC, and via e-mail or SMS.

In order to be a fully-fledged alternative to the paper sales slip, the digital receipt must fulfill all legal requirements and provide the necessary information. The design of the electronic sales slip is often based on the layout of its printed version and contains: 

  • a header that shows information about the issuing company, document number, and date & time of the transaction.
  • a list or table of items and the corresponding details of price, quantity, description, and discounts.
  • a section containing all the information necessary, according to country-specific fiscalization, to constitute a full-fledged receipt.

Depending on the type of receipt, additional information may be required. For example: hospitality sales slips need more information in detail. Respectively, sales slips can also be customized to include promotions or coupons for the customer. 

Why should a digital receipt be preferred over the classic form? 

At second glance, advantages that are both practical and forward-looking are revealed:

  • No environmentally harmful substances: the use of digital cash register receipts saves thermal paper and ink, which are used every time paper sales slips are printed.
  • Fast receipt transfer process: QR code transfer is currently one of the fastest ways to issue a sales slip.
  • Excellent customer touch point: the potential advertising and info space on an electronic receipt is a great way to engage customers after the transaction and extend their user experience.

Tomorrow's solution

The digital receipt is on the rise because it holds a lot of potential.

Many opportunities arise from storing digital receipts as interactive PDFs. For example, further links to product information, warranties, or social media channels extend the customer journey and improve the customer experience.

Another way to increase customer satisfaction is to link receipt issuance with apps in which customers can save their digital receipts. This allows sales slips to be stored and found indefinitely. No fading of the ink, no loss of paper receipts, and no worrying about a warranty or other claims that are bound to a sales slip and could get lost.

An additional aspect is the various marketing opportunities that can be integrated into a digital receipt. They create added value for both the customer and the business after the transaction through additional recommendations or advertising.

fiskaly receipt - The solution for everyone

The digital receipt from fiskaly is more than just a digitized paper receipt. It convinces with the fulfillment of all legal requirements and offers additional advantages for cash register manufacturers as well as merchants and end customers:

  • Fast integration of the fiskaly receipt into the merchant's POS system through a well-documented API.
  • Individually adaptable design.
  • Time-saving through QR code receipt transfer.

Take the first step towards modernization and sustainability. Digitize your receipts with fiskaly receipt. Contact our team now!

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