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fiskalcheck app

fiskalcheck app.

With the app fiskalcheck you can easily and free of charge check your compliance to KassenSichV. fiskalcheck enables a simple check of the QR code of receipts, eReceipts, etc. issued in Germany. The check takes into account the requirements for receipts from the German Cash Security Ordinance (KassenSichV) as well as the DSFinV‑K — the digital interface of the tax authorities for cash register systems. The checking app fiskalcheck is available free of charge and is developed by fiskaly, the leading manufacturer for Cloud TSS.

How does fiskalcheck work?

The app is easy to use. Simply scan QR code, and the validation report will be displayed immediately. This gives you a fast and secure way to verify your TSS signature.

Overview of the features

  • Easy to use: scan QR code and view validation report
  • Signature verification of the transaction according to BSI TR-03151
  • Validation of the processType and the processData according to DSFinV‑K
  • Validation of individual fields according to DSFinV‑K specifications for QR codes on receipts
  • Deriving the TSE serial number
  • Simplified visualization of the individual data fields
  • Simple representation of validation errors
  • Transfer information from the validation report to other applications via copy/paste

Available soon:

Certificate validation and matching with root certificates from fiskaly and other TSE providers will be available soon, as well as visualization and display of each validation step.


The app fiskalcheck can be downloaded free of charge from the following links in the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS).

Google Play Store (Android)

Apple App Store (iOS)